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Monday, 25th September 2017
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- and not just the usual Chosen Few!

There is no need for all the intensive security for the visit of HRH Prince Charles - for he has visited Ireland several times without all the massive security being forced on Kilkenny city next Thursday.

We suspect it's the usual Kilkenny scenario of keeping the working classes away from royal visitors while the "elect" of KIlkenny "society" are chosen to meet the crown prince and his consort and circle.

Nothing much has changed in Kilkenny in that sense over the years. Any excuse is given to herd off and corral the ordinary people - the hard-working locals who pay our taxes and keep the country going.

It is a disgrace. The way the County/city and garda bosses are behaving you would swear we were back in the day of the Provo IRA campaign at its height. Closing off this city to its own people is a cop out by security services who don't know how to conduct a softly softly security operation for this royal visit. They are behaving like clods.

There is no need to fence off people or shut down city streets, there is no call for that, the prince and his consort face less threat in Kilkenny than they do at home in London.

Shame therefore on the local authority and Garda closing off the royal visit to all the ordinary people, but making elaborate arrangements for themselves and their own families, the Chosen Few as always , to meet and greet the royal couple.

As usual the Kilkenny Journal is the only voice raised for the ordinary people of Kilkenny while the others, being part of the clique that runs this town,are obviously agreed to barricade the people out.

Prince Charles & Camilla are due next week


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