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Monday, 25th September 2017
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Government intervention demanded!

by Michael McGrath

Staff at Winstons told The Kilkenny Journal this evening that the fabulous fashion and household store has just six weeks before it closes.

Management have made no statement at all so far.

The Kilkenny Journal feels therefore that intervention to save the classic city centre store should be made by the authorities now.

In particular we feel that local minister John Paul Phelan could have a role in garnering any possible State help and support.

If the government can afford four billions a year to finance mass immigration into the country then surely they can afford to intervene to save our city stores.

And they could certainly make a start by recalling the massive rates demands on city businesses!

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Councillor Sean Tyrrell of Kilkenny County Council announced to the Kilkenny Journal today that he will refuse, if asked, to shake hands with HRH Prince Charles on his visit to Kilkenny. He says that his position is different in this matter than that of the late Martin McGuinness as Martin was deputy prime minister representing cross-community in Northern Ireland -  but that he is a free agent in his role as a councillor representing Kilkenny West that includes the Medieval Mile along which the British Prince will walk. And he disputed with us that the Prince's visit will have any appreciable effect on local tourism. 

Sean said that he will have to act according to his conscience. He will turn out robed along with the rest of the Council, as expected of him on the day, but he will offer no hand in friendship to the British Crown Prince while his mother's armed forces occupy six counties of Ireland. Asked what the local Sinn Fein TD , his close friend and colleague would do, would she shake hands with the Prince  , Sean replied that that is a matter for her to say and not for him.  There's no whip on this , it's a matter for every Sinn Fein party member and their conscience and his conscience will not allow him to shake hands with any member of the British royal family while Ireland remains unfree. A mem,ber of the famous Kilkenny hurling family of the Tyrells, Sean refuses to participate in soccer or any British games. 

He says that this is a matter of principle for him, that it goes to his heart, that he could not sleep nights were he to greet a British prince while a major part of  Ireland is still in shackles. He totally supports his party leader Gerry Adams in his call for a border poll. He believes that now is the opportune time to finally get the British out of Ireland while they are disengaging from Europe , he feels that we will now have the full backing of the EU for Irish Freedom and we must increase the volume of our calls to get the Brits out of Ireland at long last .

He says that votes do not matter to him when the Cause of ireland is at stake and that he is proud to show his determination as a patriotic Irishman to the British Crown Prince. However he is saddened to think some of the rest of them on the Council will be pushing and shoving to get to shake hands with Charles first, mostly the councillors of Fianna fail, Fine Gael and Labour  and he views such behaviour with quiet contempt . Sean states that he is not in it for the photo opportunities and the votes as they are. He believes that his Sinn Fein colleagues on the Council will take a similar stand to him. 

He is turning out robed for the occasion as he has a duty to represent the Council and his constituents and he is doing that as is required of him, and not staying at home sulking because Charles is coming, but he will stand there with his colleagues and regard the British prince unflinchingly in silent protest on behalf of Ireland. He believes that this would be much more effective in the full view of all the cameras than simply staying away. He will  be there to "man up" to Charles.and to tell him that it's time for him and his mother to disengage from Ireland while they are disengaging from Europe. He will be entirely respectful; of Charles as a tourist visiting Kilkenny, as "Mr. Windsor" in fact with an address at Buckingham Palace, London. He will do nothing to upset the reception but he will not let it go without the British hearing that they are not welcome in Ireland until they finally withdraw. 

"There must be no hard border, in fact there should be no border at all" , Kilkenny's newest young councillor shot at the Kilkenny Journal reporter as he departed.  


HRH Prince Charles is paying a visit to Kilkenny city on May 11th next. 


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Ombudsman Peter Tyndall who backs the disgraceful HSE. 
Tyndall and his principal officer Elizabeth Dolan corruptly support the HSE.
KIlkenny HSE FOI at Kilcreene pretended to send out letters that they never wrote in the first place, the Kilkenny Journal has proof of this that would satisfy a court. Yet Tyndall and Dolan support them knowing this.

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Michael McGrath
21 mins · 


The HSE in Kilkenny is pretending to have sent out letters that in fact it never wrote in the first place. FOI requests to the HSE in Kilkenny are granted - and then mysteriously reversed and you have the Office of the Ombudsman Peter Tyndall standing over this! 
Today we have evidence of the corruption of the Ombudsman's senior investigator Elizabeth Dolan - who enjoys over 100,000 a year as the wage of a Principal Officer in the Civil Service. She and Tyndall are obviously only in it for the salaries and thus want a comfortable relationship with the HSE.

And for this all she does is go round and round about "the public interest" without ever defining it , that;s her ploy . The woman is all waffle, she is like a female Sir Humphrey out of "Yes, Minister" - surely we expect more than that from a woman on a hundred grand a year plus in her luxury office in Leeson Street, Dublin?

It's no wonder that they got rid of John McGuinness out of the PAC because he was closing in on the tails of such useless bureaucrats that this country is top heavy with. It's no wonder that you have all the people dependent on health services so frustrated , and now you have the Ombudsman Tyndall and his senior staff such as Dolan covering up for the HSE. She is just a fancy mouthpiece skilled at writing pages to explain it all away to the unfortunate appellants to the Ombudsman's office and apologising for the system which , as we can prove, is now totally corrupt .

Since Emily O'Reilly departed the Ombudsman's office is become just another apologist for the system. The Ombudsman Peter Tyndall himself was appointed by Brendan Howlin TD who proved along with his Labour party to be a grave disappointment to the country in the last government , and when Howlin went his appointees such as the Ombudsman should have went with him just as happens in the USA with regime changes. Tyndall isn't a patch on Emily O'Reilly, he has accordingly achieved little if anything at all . We need a national cleanout of such cosy coteries as the Ombudsmans Office and the HSE. They are a disgrace.

But we need look no further than Kilkenny city here where the HSE FOI staff at Kilcreene Hospital are the most corrupt of all. They are totally corrupt in the office suites there. It's not just the smell of the slurry you get, it's mostly the smell of corruption from the Kilcreene HSE offices out there wafting in across the city. They have been playing the game over the last couple of years of pretending to have sent out letters that never existed.

The Kilcreene HSE are in cahoots with the county home in Thomastown where the elderly have been dying at a faster rate when compared with other homes and hospitals - a Kilkenny Journal writer exposes it all here. Something is very rotten in the State of Ireland right now.

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Michael O'Leary slams climate change as 'complete and utter rubbish'

Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary. Photo: Colin O'Riordan1Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary. Photo: Colin O'Riordan

Sasha Brady

April 8 2017 4:26 PM

Ryanair chief Michael O'Leary has dismissed climate change concerns as "complete and utter rubbish".

Speaking to RTÉ Radio One's Countrywide programme, Mr O'Leary said he believes that people's fears about global warming are unfounded.

He dismissed climate change as "complete and utter rubbish".

“This kind of nonsense that we all need to cut back on beef production or that we all need to eat vegetables or go vegan and all start cycling bicycles is not the way forward. I think it’s complete and utter rubbish," he said.

"You had these people standing round the market square 2,000 years ago saying the end of the world is nigh. In the 19th century in London, they thought they were all going to die from smog. There is always some lunatic out there who points to a load of rubbish science; science changes.”

Mr O'Leary expressed his desire to see nuclear fuel being considered as a viable future energy source.

"If you're concerned about these issues, the obvious one is more nuclear fuel, but you ask the likes of Mary Robinson, the climate change justice mob, and they recoil in horror because it's not trendy or liberal."

Mr O'Leary said he doesn't believe that beef consumption and carbon emissions are the primary driving forces of climate change.

The Ryanair boss said he believes "human ingenuity will find ways of improving the way we breed beef and they way we consume fuel".

When asked if accepted that climate change is happening, Mr O'Leary said that the cooling and warming had been "going on for years" and he didn't accept it was linked to carbon usage.

"I don't accept that climate change is real. I don't accept the link between carbon consumption and climate change."

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Man arrested following death of woman in Freshford, Kilkenny

Gardaí were called at 2.45 this afternoon


A man has been arrested following the death of a woman in Freshford, Co Kilkenny.

Gardaí were called to a house on Bridge Street this afternoon after the woman, who’s in her 20s, was removed to hospital at around midday with serious injuries.

She later died in St Luke’s Hospital.

A man in his 30s was arrested this afternoon and is being held in Kilkenny Garda Station under Section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act.

The scene at the house is sealed off and is undergoing a forensic technical examination.

The office of the State Pathologist has been notified and a post mortem examination will be carried out on the body of the woman.

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Friday, 26 May 2017 18:41


You never crossed an old Filidh of Ireland for fear of the verse he would create against you and your descendants  and Ned Egan is such a bard. Ned maintains he is unfairly barred off the air by John Purcell and John Masterson since the station started, as you will read herein as they say in Court - and there's talk of court too. 

The Kilkenny Journal sees the righteousness of Ned's case. We have known John Purcell's family for years and they are all honest people, as is John himself. We think that Ned is referring to the broadcasting licence here when he says that John "stole". John Purcell never stole anything in his life, no matter what anybody may say otherwise about him, and though we don't know John Masterson personally, and little about him, there is no evidence that he was ever involved in any criminal activity either. 

Rather the Kilkenny Journal would find fault with KCLR , as well as the local weekly newspaper "The Kilkenny People" that they have sold out the old traditional values of Ireland in encouraging mass immigration , abortion and gombeen politicians in their news coverage and comment programs - but we don't see the new community radio as going to be any better if we are to go by their trial broadcasts. The fact is that the people cannot trust the media anymore , whether local or national, as they are all part and parcel of a national sell-out just as the same forces in Irish society took part back in the day in the great national sell-out of the Act of Union of 1801 - from which the country as a whole has never recovered. And you could say the same about former plantations of Ireland too, under Elizabeth and Cromwell , as today they have brought in nigh on a million immigrants to replace the Irish driven out . It is population replacement all over again, somehow the Irish never seem to fit into their own country or be let to do. And you only have to listen to John Masterson's programmes to know he is pushing all this ill and injustice on Ireland. 

Here Ned Egan's publicist takes the story over: 

"Mullinavat based poet/novelist/songwriter Ned Egan has launched his

long awaited literary onslaught on KCLR. In a ferocious, shocking but
stylistically pleasing critique, Ned has laid bare his grievance with
the radio station via his Facebook page and other social media. Using
an incisive combination of prose and poetry, the popular scribe has
taken on some powerful names in the broadcasting business.

Ned’s main issue is that he was unfairly barred from being
interviewed, or even mentioned, on the station since it started
broadcasting to Counties Kilkenny and Carlow.

Speaking last night from his exotic Base of Operations in the wilds of
rural South Kilkenny, Ned warned: “This is only the beginning. I will
not rest until I have driven the slithery serpents and their cohorts
from their elaborate snake nest on the Dublin Road. Purcell and
Masterson must go. They have tormented the people of Carlow/Kilkenny
for too long, but now the suffering listeners, with my help and
support, will cast off this yoke of poor journalism, inferior hurling
analysis, bogus counseling palaver, and horrible song choices.”

Ned expressed satisfaction with Sue Nunn’s Return to KCLR to host an
evening show, but is still aggrieved by Sue’s refusal to allow him
access to the airwaves during her tenure as uncrowned Princess of both
KCLR and the old Pirate radio station KCR.

Ned says he has been inundated with messages of support following his
scathing attack on the station. “It’s heartening” he enthuses, “and
confirms me in my belief that I will win the battle and banish the
proverbial snakes, as our great Patron Saint did in the days long
before Facebook with only a big stick. My stick is bigger and more
robust, studded with razor sharp thorns and mightier than a bishop’s
crozier. Armed with a rugged truth and a keen appreciation of art and
music, I will hunt the hissers from their pit!”

Here is the full text of Ned Egan’s jaw-dropping Facebook critique of KCLR:
The below {at end of lead-in few words} is a late entrant to the
tragic Po-Etry comp run by Kookie Cnuts Louts Ratshitz. The alleged
radio station.

Yep, the one Purse stole from the good old KCR – a true Community Radio.
Purse robbed it so that he could spout his sludge at will, and add
even more loot
to what he had – which – on the evidence of his KCR Robbery – he
probably stole as well.

One of the legal definitions of thievery is “the taking of property
without the consent of the rightful owner.” And KCR sure didn’t

Sue Nun jumped ship as well, thereby betraying her old KCR comrades.

Anyone who saw my little pals “The Mystery Girls” singing “Bring back
Sue Nunn” were no doubt confounded
when they discovered it was only a prank to annoy the two morons in KCLR.

What I objected to was the fact that Sue was sacked from her “morning
chair” after taking leave to look after her
terminally ill husband. An act of love – for which the two horrible
robbing wretches sacked her.

Having done that, they put themselves outside the accepted civilised
tenets which states that a grieving spouse be granted respect and
honour. Words that Master{bate}son and profiteer PurseSell couldn’t
even spell. Two dire tramps, hyenas, snakes, lugs, with the combined
intellectuality of a tadpole. I didn’t want Sue back because of her
journalistic skills – which are patently non-existent. I wanted her
back because no woman should bi ill-treated as she was.

The horrible gangster Purse – also the scented Suzie - barred me from
the daytime air of KCLR these twenty years. Purse threatened to sue me
once when I drove a van with “Sack Sue Nunn” on it around Kilkenny,
some years ago. Where’s your Shylock bastards now, Judas John? Send
them down to me; you know where I am – Mullinavat will get me.

An excellent Sunday Times journalist was warned by Masterbate {for
short} that he would sue her “if she even mentioned the rift with
Suzie.} She had to back off. I don’t blame her. She has a house and
career – MasterBate and Porky Purse would soon have those gone. Now,
come on you serpents, you sick brutes – SUE ME! Get your horrid
lawyers onto me! I’ll have some fun in court with those fuckers!

And I have one big advantage over the other people who would confront
you, if they could. What’s my advantage? I have no house to lose, and
I don’t give a shite about you two thugs. Master{bate}son writes for
the Indo. The paper which will not even accept a letter from me. Now I
know why – it’s Master{bate}son. What harm but he couldn’t write a
shopping list.

I have written four hundred pages in local papers over the years. Any
one page of mine is better than any single thing the tainted
chair-robber has ever turned out.

Now, I’m going to try and run you two fuckers out of Kilkenny broadcasting.
And I’ll do it with words, probably limericks.

Because I have a huge edge on you hoodlums: I can write.
And won’t you ever find that out.

Get out you skunks, you robbers, you woman-haters, you dirty verminous dogs.
Remember, Pricko Purse, when you were on TV last year, slouching on a
seat, shoving your filthy old crotch at the camera? The only thing you
could come up with was “I don’t like Social Media.”

Thank God for it – otherwise you’d get away with your filth. Aye,
lolling about you were, like one of those dreary sealions who hang
about rocky shores in mobs, having sex with seagulls or stones or
anything at all that looks better than another frightfully ugly

I’d swear you were wearing a codpiece. You probably need one.
Three cheers for Face Book! {Cripes, that’s enough for tonight!}

Zee saga of Two-Bumz PurseSell!
One night a tired young lad from Kells,
Was resting on his bunk,
He sniffed: “Are those recycled smells -
From Smithwicks I have sunk?
“I’m wrong! That’s no organic pong
What make’s me heart near halt -
Tis K C L Rat bag-O’Dungs’s
Purse Poser’s Air Assault!”
John-Jennet PurseSell with his pair
Of bums kicked off this stink,
If you say ‘shite can’t fly on air’ -
Just have another think!
Two bums patrol – from rear to poll -
J’s porcine sixteen stone,
And methane rolls out of each hole
Straight down the microphone.
Young Mick lay there, in innocence,
With hopes of being enthralled,
Instead, ‘On Air’ came excrescence -
{Latrines had sure been trawled}
Though Mick had thought - in his wee bed -
He’d nothing left to fear,
Kay Clown L Rat got in his head -
And shat right in his ear!
O Me O My! foul sewage pie,
Stuck to Mick’s ear’s wee drums,
Coz this John-Jennet Purse-Sell guy
Had emptied both his bums -
Which filled Mick’s brain with brownish smuts -
His cranium with shite
{The orifice behind P’s nuts
Was working well that night.}
Purse stole {then} KCR one day,
Because he had the cash,
He filched the means to get on air -
To use that fearsome Gash -
By ‘Gash’ I mean that great ravine
Between his conk and chin -
{Where vents a foul putrescent pig
Who’d tumbled arseways in.}
Olè! For verbal diarrhoea!
Out on the Carlow Road,
If you perchance should wander past
That odorous abode,
Just duck and dodge, avoid the sludge,
And hope that you’re in luck,
And if that fails just lift your tails -
And simply run like fuck!

Ned Egan, Mullinavat

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SF-IRA support for tyranny - SF-IRA support for the Nazis


The IRA during the Holocaust

Nazis and Nazi supporters in Ireland

Irish memorials to Nazi collaborators

Frank Ryan

Sean Russell

Seán McCool

Sinn Fein hypocrisy

The true heroes of WW2: The Irish who fought for the allies


IRA support for the Nazis - original documents

Ireland in World War 2

Dan Breen



The IRA supported the Nazis in WW2

Sinn Fein / IRA, being hard leftists, like to call their opponents "fascists". And indeed there is some truth in it, as regards the hard-core loyalists at least. But SF-IRA are not the people to criticise.

The IRA supported the Nazis in WW2 (the real ones, not just rhetorical ones). They ran safe houses for Nazi spies, aided Nazi intelligence, and even helped Nazi bombers. They planned to bring about a Nazi German invasion of Ireland, and would no doubt have been installed as a quisling government had Germany occupied Ireland.



Introductory reading - secondary sources

Many people refuse to believe the information on this page. Here are some gentle introductions:

Introductory reading - primary sources

If you still refuse to believe me, then see this page:

These are primary sources - screenshots of original documents. Not secondary sources.

Nazi Collaborators - The IRA.
The Military Channel, 2011.




The IRA supported the Nazis, and the Nazis supported the IRA. The IRA helped the Luftwaffe bomb Belfast and Derry.

Hitler would of course have done to Ireland what he did to every other country. In the Wannsee Conference notes of Jan 1942, Ireland's 4,000 Jews were listed for extermination. No doubt Irish quislings would have helped in this, as quislings helped in every other country.

Luckily, the IRA failed in their plans, and the Jews of Ireland were not exterminated. The IRA has still not apologised for this.


  • Fascism


  • Ireland in World War 2


  • "The Emergency" (WW2 in Ireland)
  • The IRA's collaboration with the Nazis
  • Irish Nazi collaborators


  • Operation Green - Hitler's plan for the Nazi invasion of Ireland.
  • Plan Kathleen / The Artus Plan - The IRA plan for the Nazi invasion of Northern Ireland. The IRA wanted the Nazis to "liberate" Northern Ireland from the British.


  • The Belfast Blitz - 200 German aircraft bombed Belfast in 1941. 1,000 dead, and half the city wrecked. And the IRA helped them.


  • [Hanley, 2005] has shocking wartime quotes from the IRA and Cumann na mBan.
    • In the illegal War News, the IRA's main publication, "Satisfaction was expressed that the "cleansing fire" of the German armies was driving the Jews from Europe. ... War News condemned the arrival in Ireland of "so-called Jewish refugees", along with unspecified numbers of "Albanian, Abyssinian, Mongolian [and] Tartars"."
    • Hanley points out that a Nazi invasion of Ireland would have killed vastly more Irish than were killed in the conflict with Britain. In a single night: "the Germans killed more Irish civilians in the bombing of Belfast than had died at the hands of the British during the War of Independence." A Nazi invasion of Ireland would have killed at least 100,000 Irish.


  • Articles
    • IRA plotted with Nazis to invade Northern Ireland, Telegraph, 19 Oct 2001.
    • Nazis "planned NI invasion" with IRA help, BBC, 14 November, 2003.
    • Secret files shine light on IRA/Nazi contacts, Reuters, 14 Nov 2003.
    • Hitler and the IRA, Gary Gratton, Belfast Telegraph, 14 Nov 2003.
    • As Frank McGahon says about the IRA's support for the Germans: "England's difficulty would certainly have been Ireland's opportunity: Ireland's opportunity to live under the Nazi jackboot."
    • A past we'd rather forget by Henry McDonald, 7 January 2001, sums it up: "In the 1940s, the IRA was allied to one of the most evil regimes in human history. Had they succeeded in their goal of uniting Ireland on the back of a Nazi victory, every man, woman and child would have become vassals of the Nazi empire. And, as Micheal Burleigh emphasises .. Hitler planned to eliminate the Jews of Ireland as part of his maniacal project to destroy entirely the Jewish people. Yet this collaboration with Nazism is rarely mentioned in the traditional nationalist narratives of the twentieth century."


  • SDLP figure Paddy Devlin was in the IRA when young. He said that during the war they supported the Nazi side: "Paddy Devlin admitted that during the war there was a great degree of sympathy for the Nazis inside the IRA in Belfast. Devlin recalled that while in Crumlin Road jail he and his comrades enthusiastically plotted the advance of the Germans into the Soviet Union on a map in their prison cell. Each time news came through the radio about Nazi victories he and the other IRA inmates would cheer to the rafters."



  • SF-IRA supported the Nazis. The unionists fought the Nazis. Explain that, Sinn Fein.
SF-IRA supporters react in various absurd ways to the information on this page. 
One guy says it was all long ago. (And this from people who bang on about 1916, Cromwell and the Famine!) 
Another guy (who uses the handle of Nazi collaborator Tom Barry) says that the IRA collaborating with Nazi Germany in fact proves their anti-Nazi credentials!



The IRA was allied to the Nazis during the Holocaust

The IRA did not break off its alliance with Nazi Germany when the Holocaust started.

The Holocaust began in earnest with the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941. Nazi Germany began the systematic extermination of the Jews of Europe, first with mobile death squads, later with gas chambers.


The IRA stayed allied to Nazi Germany during this period. The IRA Army Council re-affirmed this alliance in April 1942.

Mass execution of Jewish women, Nazi-occupied Soviet Union, in 1941
This is photo 2725/1 in the Yad Vashem Photo Archives
See also photo 2725/11.

Jewish women and children lined up for execution in the massacre at Liepaja, Latvia, in Dec 1941
This is photo 2573/24 in the Yad Vashem Photo Archives.

In the Wannsee Conference notes of Jan 1942, Ireland's 4,000 Jews were listed for extermination. (See "Irland" in list B.) 
In Feb 1942 the IRA was helping Nazi spies in Ireland.

In April 1942 the IRA Army Council passed a formal resolution supporting co-operation with Nazi Germany.
From p.223 of The Secret Army, J. Bowyer Bell, 1997 edn.
Chief-of-Staff of the IRA at this time was Seán McCool.
The IRA would be the Vichy regime if the Holocaust came to Ireland.



Nazis and Nazi supporters in Ireland

  1. Andrija Artukovic, Nazi war criminal given refuge in Ireland after the war.
  2. Norman Baillie-Stewart, wartime Nazi propagandist who settled in Ireland after the war.
  3. Tom Barry, famous guerrilla leader, Chief-of-Staff of the IRA 1937, and Nazi collaborator. [12]
  4. Charles Bewley, Irish ambassador to Nazi Germany, Nazi propagandist. [1]
  5. James Brady, Irishman who fought for the Nazis.
  6. Dan Breen, extremist republican, and Nazi spy and collaborator. [16]
  7. Caitlín Brugha, widow of Cathal Brugha, and Nazi collaborator. [2]
  8. Helmut Clissmann, Nazi spy. [11]
  9. John Codd, Irishman who fought for the Nazis.
  10. Paddy Devlin, IRA man and Nazi collaborator. [10]
  11. Louis Feutren, French Nazi collaborator who settled in Ireland after the war. He taught French at St Conleth's College until 1985.
  12. Mick FitzpatrickChief-of-Staff of the IRA 1937-38, and Nazi collaborator. [4]
  13. Oliver J. Flanagan praised Hitler for attacking the Jews. [17]
  14. Albert Folens, famous Irish schoolbooks publisher, and wartime Nazi collaborator.
  15. Hermann Goertz, Nazi spy. [18]
  16. Liam S. Gogan, poet, and Nazi collaborator. [3]
  17. Iseult Gonne, wartime Nazi collaborator. [19]
  18. Maud Gonne, Irish revolutionary, Yeats' muse, and wartime Nazi collaborator. [19]
  19. Sean HarringtonChief-of-Staff of the IRA 1941-42, and Nazi collaborator. [4]
  20. Stephen HayesChief-of-Staff of the IRA 1940-41, and Nazi collaborator. [4]
  21. Stephen Held (and here), IRA man and Nazi collaborator.
  22. Eduard Hempel, Nazi Germany ambassador to Ireland in WW2.
  23. Alan Heusaff, French Nazi collaborator who settled in Ireland after the war.
  24. William Joyce, wartime Nazi propagandist.
  25. Pearse KellyChief-of-Staff of the IRA 1941, and Nazi collaborator. [4]
  26. Charlie KerinsChief-of-Staff of the IRA 1942-44, and Nazi collaborator. [4] [5]
  27. Célestin Lainé, French Nazi collaborator who settled in Ireland after the war.
  28. Kathleen Lynn, Sinn Fein TD and wartime Nazi collaborator. [19]
  29. Adolf Mahr, pre-war director of the National Museum of Ireland, wartime Nazi propagandist.
  30. Hugh McAteerChief-of-Staff of the IRA 1942, and Nazi collaborator. [4]
  31. Sean MacBrideChief-of-Staff of the IRA 1936, and wartime Nazi collaborator. [6]
  32. Seán McCoolChief-of-Staff of the IRA 1942, and Nazi collaborator. [4] [7]
  33. Joseph McGarrity, head of Clan na Gael and Nazi collaborator. [13]
  34. Charlie McGuinness, Irish adventurer and Nazi collaborator. [8]
  35. Eoin McNameeChief-of-Staff of the IRA 1942, and Nazi collaborator. [4]
  36. Pieter Menten, Nazi war criminal who lived in Ireland after the war.
  37. Helena Moloney, Cumann na mBan activist and wartime Nazi collaborator. [19]
  38. Seamus O'Donovan, IRA man and Nazi collaborator. [14]
  39. Eoin O'Duffy, first leader of Fine Gael, and Nazi collaborator.
  40. John J. O'Kelly hated the Jews, and supported Hitler. [15]
  41. Fant Rozec, French Nazi collaborator who fled to Ireland after the war.
  42. Sean RussellChief-of-Staff of the IRA 1938-40, and Nazi collaborator. [4]
  43. Frank Ryan, the "anti-fascist" turned Nazi collaborator.
  44. Gunther Schuetz, Nazi spy who lived in Ireland after the war.
  45. George Bernard Shaw supported Hitler. [9]
  46. Francis Stuart, author, Nazi collaborator and propagandist.

This all means that, incredibly, these organisations were founded by Nazi collaborators:

  1. Fine Gael was co-founded in 1933 by a Nazi collaborator (Eoin O'Duffy).
  2. Amnesty International was co-founded in 1961 by a Nazi collaborator (Sean MacBride).
  3. Amnesty International (Ireland) was co-founded in 1962 by a Nazi spy (Helmut Clissmann).
  4. The SDLP was co-founded in 1970 by a Nazi collaborator (Paddy Devlin).
Sean Harrington, Chief-of-Staff of the IRA 1941-42, was a Nazi collaborator. 
The above is from The Guy Liddell Diaries (MI5 diaries), Volume 1: 1939-1942.

Charlie Kerins, Chief-of-Staff of the IRA 1942-44, was a Nazi collaborator. 
The above is from the Morning Bulletin, Rockhampton, Australia, 1 Feb 1943.


  • Some guy (apparently) called "Ru Ni Digs" disputes my page:
    • He denies that Sean Harrington, Chief-of-Staff of the IRA 1941-42, and Charlie Kerins, Chief-of-Staff of the IRA 1942-44, were Nazi collaborators. So the items on Harrington and Kerins above are a response to him.
    • The fact is that every Chief-of-Staff of the IRA from 1937 to 1945 was a Nazi collaborator. It was policy. Every IRA leader supported this policy. If "Ru Ni Digs" claims some IRA leader broke with policy and did not support the alliance with the Nazis, I think it’s up to him to provide proof of this extraordinary claim.
    • "Ru Ni Digs" claims I use Stormfront as a source, which is simply a lie.


George Bernard Shaw supported Hitler, and denied the Holocaust happened. 
Clip from The Soviet Story.



Irish memorials to Nazi collaborators

The statue of Sean Russell is the best-known such memorial. But there are others.


Memorial to the Nazi collaborator Charlie Kerins, opposite the Bon Secours Hospital, Tralee.
See street view.

"Charlie's" bar in Tralee is named after a Nazi collaborator.

Memorial to the Nazi collaborator Tom Barry
Fitzgerald Park, Cork. See street view
From here. See more.


  • Nazi graffiti daubed on grave of Tom Barry, Mar 2013:
    • Tom Barry is buried in St. Finbarr's Cemetery, Cork.
    • Republican graves at St. Finbarr's, including Tom Barry's, were vandalised in Mar 2013. Nazi graffiti was daubed on them. Disgraceful. Anyone who does this should be jailed.
    • Nelson McCausland of the DUP seems to be alone in spotting the possible irony that Tom Barry was a Nazi collaborator.
    • Evidence so far though points to an attack by an unstable person with legal problems, rather than a political attack.


There may be all sorts of good reasons why they did so, but the Irish state commemorated a Nazi collaborator with a postage stamp. 
Nazi collaborator Sean MacBride appeared on an Irish stamp in 1994. 
Nazi supporter George Bernard Shaw appeared on a stamp in the same set. (Shaw has appeared on Irish stamps multiple times.)



Frank Ryan

Viva la Quinta Brigada, song by Christy Moore celebrating Frank Ryan's fight against Franco in the Spanish Civil War. 
Christy Moore doesn't mean it to be, but unfortunately this is another memorial to a Nazi collaborator.


  • Christy Moore's simplistic view of the Spanish Civil War:
    • Even if we just stick to the Spanish Civil War, this song is terribly simplistic. Christy Moore describes the war as: "Truth and love against the force of evil; Brotherhood against the fascist clan." Franco was a fascist dictator and ally of Hitler who committed atrocities. But the Spanish Republicans included communists and allies of Stalin who committed atrocities such as killing 7,000 clergy. I would not support either side.
    • Christy Moore attacks the Irish who fought for Franco"Many Irishmen heard the call of Franco; Joined Hitler and Mussolini too. Propaganda from the pulpit and newspapers; Helped O'Duffy to enlist his crew. The word came from Maynooth, "support the Nazis". The men of cloth failed again; When the Bishops blessed the Blueshirts in Dun Laoghaire; As they sailed beneath the swastika to Spain." Yes, the church was wrong to support fascists, but missing is the fact that the fascists' enemies were torturing and killing priests and nuns, and burning churches. The "anti-fascists" burned synagogues and churches, castrated priests, raped nuns, banned religion.
    • Notice how Christy Moore makes out that the other side were fighting for Nazi Germany. In fact, the only Irishmen who actuallyfought for the Nazis were the IRA republicans, including .. Frank Ryan. Unfortunately for Christy Moore, Frank Ryan's later behaviour makes this song a tribute to a Nazi collaborator.


  • Christy Moore's support for communist tyranny:
    • Christy Moore has very dodgy politics. In 2001 he covered "Companeros", a tribute to the Cuban communist dictatorship. See lyrics.


  • New memorial to Nazi collaborator erected: Memorial to Frank Ryan erected at Limerick City Hall, Sept 2014. Shameful.



Sean Russell

  • There is a statue of Nazi collaborator Sean Russell in Fairview Park, Dublin.
    • This disgusting statue was erected in 1951. See account in "United Irishman", Oct 1951. See also Special Branch report(and here). 1,000 people - IRA, Sinn Fein and Cumann na mBan - marched to the unveiling. The ceremony to honour the Nazi collaborator began with a decade of the Rosary in Irish. The IRA man and playwright Brendan Behan was one of the attendees.


  • In 2003, Mary Lou McDonald made a speech honouring Sean Russell at the statue.


  • Attack on Sean Russell statue, Dec 2004.
    • I don't approve of action outside the law like this. The statue should have been demolished by proper legal means.
    • Anti-fascists behead statue of Russell, 2 Jan 2005.
    • Nazi IRA man's statue beheaded by David Lister, January 13, 2005.
    • The Simon Wiesenthal Centre called for it to be left unrestored as a symbol of Ireland's "shame". They said: "It's a blot on the history of Ireland, but blots have to see the public light." They described the incident as "an opportunity for Ireland to confront its past". They said: "We're not iconoclasts but I think the destruction of something like this has a meaning, and we would ask for it to be left there as a lesson of what Irish neutrality was all about."
    • Sadly, this did not happen. A new statue to the Nazi ally was erected by the National Graves Association in 2009. Shame on them.


  • Attacks on the new statue:
    • Attack on the new Nazi statue, early July 2009. "HITLER'S FRIEND" and "NAZI SCUM" is sprayed on the statue.
    • Further attack, late July 2009. Nazi flags painted on statue.
    • I don't disagree with the sentiments, but proper legal methods should be used to demolish this statue, not vandalism.


  • Eichmann would get a statue if he'd had an Irish grandmother, Kevin Myers, July 10, 2009.
    • Talking about Hitler in 1939, he says: "Over the next six years, thousands of Irish volunteers were to die opposing him. Just one - Sean Russell - died in his service. Yet he is the only Irish victim of the Second World War to have a statue in his honour in Dublin."
    • He cannot believe that a new statue was made: "Who approved this in Dublin City Council? And what is the prevailing aesthetic which can rule that the destroyers of Nelson's Pillar in Dublin may permanently affect the streetscape of the capital, but that a statue to a Nazi fellow traveller should be restored?"
From the unveiling of the Sean Russell statue in 1951
What kind of a Nazi collaborators' day out would it be without a good old decade of the Rosary?

The shameful statue of the Nazi collaborator Sean Russell, Fairview Park, Dublin. 
Here in July 2009 it has been vandalised, with Nazi flags painted on. Photo from here
Henry McDonald, 9 May 2004, says: "Dublin remains the only city in democratic Europe where a figurine still stands in homage to a man who openly collaborated with the Nazis." 
Even worse, as Tony Allwright points out, this is "the only statue in Dublin to an Irish volunteer killed during World War 2" - a stooge who died on a Nazi U-boat! 
This statue should be removed by the state and destroyed.
Note I do not support non-state action against this statue (or any other Irish memorial to a Nazi collaborator). I believe in the rule of law, not the rule of direct action.



Seán McCool

In response to the listing here of Seán McCool as a Nazi collaborator, Ruairi McCool at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. sent me the threatening email below in Nov 2009.

Seán McCool was from Co.Donegal, where he was involved in the GAA. Ruairi McCool is presumably a relation of his. Anyway, the X-Originating-IP: field in the email header shows he connected to the Internet through 86.46.154.CENSORED which is Eircom in Sligo. Instead of providing evidence that his relative did not in fact collaborate with Nazi Germany, he writes:


Mr Humphrys,
How dare you label great warriors of Ireland Nazis! You don't deserve to live you Jewish bastard! 
Eat shit! I'm a hero if I murder 100 Palestinians, am I?!

While one might understand an emotional reaction to having a relative criticised, a death threat is completely out of order. I have referred the above email to the gardai.

He seems to deny that his relative was a Nazi collaborator. But this is fact, not opinion:

  1. The Secret Army, by J. Bowyer Bell, states that Seán McCool helped Nazi spy Günther Schütz in 1942.
  2. From pp.220-222 of 1997 edn of The Secret Army: When Seán McCool became Chief of Staff of the IRA in 1942, "McCool and McNamee were tireless and even took up the German thread again. On February 28, 1942, German Sergeant Gunther Schuetz escaped from Mountjoy. ... he disappeared down the old Republican pipeline to appear .. at Mrs Caítlín Brugha's house. ... McCool established direct contact with the Brughas and plans were begun to get Schuetz out of the country on a fishing boat with a shopping list of IRA needs." (McCool was captured in the middle of these plans.)
  3. Of course, it is no surprise that McCool helped Schütz and had contact with Nazi Germany. Every single Chief-of-Staff of the IRA from 1938 to 1944 collaborated with Nazi Germany. They only stopped because the Nazis lost the war, not because anybody thought collaborating with the Nazis was wrong.
I also had republican relatives who supported the Nazis and may have even collaborated with them. It was said that one of my relatives spent the day in tears when Hitler died. But unlike Ruairi McCool, I feel no need to defend them. They made their own decisions, and it is their shame not mine.
Seán McCool's collaboration with Nazi Germany in 1942. 
From p.221 of The Secret Army, J. Bowyer Bell, 1997 edn.



"What do you think of the war now the Russians are making great headway. It's hard luck that their successes are helping to save the cursed Empire once again apparently. Still a lot of things could happen before the end of it all is reached. So here's hoping." 
- Seán McCool, letter of 28 Mar 1944, disappointed that the war is not going to finish off Britain. 
From Sighle Humphreys papers, UCD Archives, P106/893(1).



Sinn Fein hypocrisy

Modern Sinn Fein regularly calls its opponents "fascists", attacks Fine Gael as "blueshirts", and so on. This nauseating hypocrisy from the only party that supported the Nazis is amusingly easy to answer.
Nauseating Sinn Fein hypocrisy. 
"Horrors of IRA collaboration with Nazis must be forgotten", more like. 
SF-IRA, the party that collaborated with the Nazis in WW2, and threatened people who fought the Nazis with death, now lectures us about the Holocaust.

Mary Lou McDonald of Sinn Fein, the person lecturing us about the Holocaust above, made a speech in 2003 honouring the Nazi collaborator, IRA leader Sean Russell
From here.

More fun with Sinn Fein hypocrisy on Twitter, Dec 2014 - Jan 2015. 
Fine Gael Minister Charlie Flanagan attacks Sinn Fein. 
Sinn Fein TD Padraig MacLochlainn unwisely links Fine Gael to the Blueshirts. 
A perfect chance for me to dump something like the above in the thread. 
Answer that, Sinn Fein!

My tweet is mentioned in the Belfast Telegraph, 5 Jan 2015.

Sinn Fein Councillor blocks me for mentioning IRA support for Nazis. 
In Aug 2016, I noticed anti-Israel Sinn Fein Councillor Paul Donnelly blocking various pro-Israel critics. 
So I tweeted a link to my page: "IRA support for the Nazis - original documents"
One tweet, to a page of primary sources, not opinion.
He responded by blocking me.



The true heroes of WW2 - The Irish who fought for the allies

  • 70,000 Irish volunteers fought for the Allies against Nazism.
  • John Bruton estimates 10,000 Irish volunteers were killed.
  • Kevin Myers estimates 7,000 Irish volunteers were killed.
  • There is no statue or serious memorial to them in Dublin, only a number of low-key wall plaques and memorial stones.
  • Kevin Myers above points out that: "Irish lives lost in WWII probably exceed the death toll for all domestic political violence in 20th century". And yet there is no real memorial to them.


  • Irish World War II Victoria Cross recipients
  • Apparently, fully two-thirds of the Irish Army of 1939 joined the Allies.
  • Shockingly, Ireland punished them after the war. They were denied pensions and barred from state employment.


  • The campaign to pardon Irish soldiers who fought for the Allies:
    • Irish Soldiers Pardons Campaign
    • I commented on an Irish Independent article on this, January 26, 2012.
    • Success! Minister for Defence (Alan Shatter) announces pardon for the Irish who fought for the Allies, Dail announcement, 12 June 2012. "On behalf of the State, the Government apologises for the manner in which those members of the Defence Forces who left to fight on the Allied side during the Second World War, from 1939 to 1945, were treated after the war by the State. ... Those who fought on the Allied side also contributed to protecting this State's sovereignty and independence and our democratic values."


  • Fine Gael were the most pro-allied party, but they went along with FF in staying neutral.
  • A true Irish hero: James Dillon of Fine Gael was almost the only politician in Ireland saying we should join the Allies against Nazi Germany.
  • I'm not aware of any left-wing Irish politician who said this. If you know of any, tell me here.
Not content with collaborating with the Nazis in WW2, the IRA even bombs those who did the right thing and fought the Nazis. 
In 1987 in Enniskillen the IRA bombed a memorial service to the allies in WW2, killing 11 people.
Search for videos here and here.

A true Irish hero: Paddy Finucane, leading RAF fighter pilot in WW2.
And search for images.

Freedom fighters: The US military, the UK military, and their allies land in France, 1944, to liberate Europe from the Nazis. 
From here
When the brave US troops landed in Northern Ireland in 1943 to prepare for the coming liberation of Europe, the IRA threatened to kill them. The Nazi collaborator Hugh McAteer, Chief-of-Staff of the IRA, denounced the American military presence in Northern Ireland as an "invasion of our rights" and warned that US troops could expect to be targeted by the IRA.




IRA support for the Nazis - original documents


"Oh here's to Adolph Hitler, 
Who made the Britons squeal, 
Sure before the fight is ended 
They will dance an Irish reel."
- The IRA's War News23 Nov 1940, applauding Nazi Germany's conquest of Europe.



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Published in Front

 Cllr.  Malcolm Noonan is too loose tongued with the R word ,  members of the public who are up in arms over  the latest upsurge in cruelty to animals in Kilkenny said tonight in reply to being tarred as racists by the local Green councillor.  

They are all horrified by the insults heaped on them by the Green councillor over on the Kilkenny People news site  as all they want is for the culprits who indulged in a spate of torturing and murdering animals to be arrested by the Gardai and dealt with by the courts and punished in the ordinary manner as prescribed by Law. 


All the "inter-agency"   talk from Cllr. Noonan is a deflection, it's a decoy, it's leading the focus away from getting on with it and arresting the criminals concerned, their spokesman told us on The Kilkenny Journal tonight.  

None of the animal lovers of Kilkenny are racists as Malcolm Noonan  charges and they take grave exception right now, as their spokesman told me in a conversation  downtown not an hour ago.  He has now called in to the Kilkenny Journal  to correct us and to elaborate that Noonan called others, though not himself, racist. 

It is not racist to want the culprits, who are known, to be brought to justice. Then at the sentencing stage the judges can take rehabilitatory requests into account in the normal course of events, but  first they must be arrested, charged and brought to court like anybody else would be.  

Councillor Noonan has got some good people in this city horribly wrong tonight, he does not seem to be concerned about the tortured and murdered animals at all. 

For him to call concerned citizens racists for speaking out against the perpetrators of these heinous crimes, to accuse law-abiding  citizens of harbouring hate is beyond belief, especially when all they want is to see Justice done.  

The animal rights spokesperson I spoke to tonight in the centre city is outraged by Noonan's horrific slander of people seeking justice for the animals, so much so that he forecast that this will cost the Green councillor hundreds of votes next time round if he keeps it up.  

He said that nowhere did Cllr. Noonan state any sympathy at all for the poor tortured and murdered horses and the mother  goat killed so cruelly , nowhere did Noonan ask that the perpetrators be brought to justice.   

He said that Noonan's accusation  of local animal lovers on social media as spreading hate with racist intent  is a blatant attempt by the Green party councillor to create a smokescreen to hide the real situation at the expense of the reputations of some of the most liberal and caring citizens of Kilkenny, that it is an outrageous attack on the animal lovers of Kilkenny.   

If Cllr. Noonan has any answer  we would be happy to carry it here, unedited as written by him, if he so wishes. We cannot do better than that. It is that serious. We agree with the animal lovers, this spate of cruelty in Killkenny has gone too far. We have a bounden duty to protect our animal friends , all of them, all creatures great and small. 

The gardai may as well know now that people expect early arrests in these dreadful cases, and not evasive action as is being attempted at this moment.  We have good time for the decent people of the itinerant community involved, they should agree to hand over the culprits to the gardai without further circuitous prevarication such as Malcolm Noonan indulges in. 

Not to mention, Kilkenny is getting an awful bad name in the circles of animal lovers everywhere.  

Malcolm Noonan is wrong on another important point too : the torture and murder of these animals has been discussed amongst people in their everyday life and condemned by people en masse throughout the city, even  more so than it has on social media!  It is by no means confined to the computer.  Everywhere people are meeting they are discussing and condemning these frightful savageries  occurring in their midst.  People are distraught, one of the horses was a lovely little pony, the other a grand horse too.  The  poor mother goat and her two little kids were set upon, savaged  killed by travellers' dogs , the culprits were seen directing the slaughter! 

It seems that as a councillor Malcolm Noonan does not have his ear to the ground as he thinks , as he obviously does not appreciate the great public outcry and anger out there on the streets of Kilkenny . Here on the Kilkenny Journal we have been friends with and supporting travellers a lot longer than Malcolm has, about twenty years more ,   but we still want the culprits to face justice as they deserve.  

This is not a case of anybody being racist or anti-traveller, far from it. The animal lovers who mourn the horses and the goats, and any of us that are human have to be saddened and even sickened by it all. We  like the travelling people too, and can say that in all honesty and sincerity. So we hope they will hand the culprits up to the Gardai, and let there be an end to any more of this cruelty in Kilkenny!


Published in Front

In a report by Mary Cody of the Kilkenny People, Kilkenny animal lovers were slated as racists in this week's edition of the Kilkenny newspaper out today. And already some stalwart citizens have taken grave exception to being described as racists. 

The report , headed "Kilkenny Traveller Community Movement slams recent "racism" '.  The Traveller body went further by describing the local animal lovers of this city as having caused "an outpouring of racism, bigotry and hate speech" - strong stuff. 

The Kilkenny Journal spoke to several animal lovers who said that there are actual witnesses that they have to some travellers killing a horse in the river. The local animal lovers deny that they have ever posted any hate speech on social media . They say that they reported the matter responsibility to the Gardai , but issued no condemnation but rather their concern in social media - which is their only outlet since the local media are on the side of the travellers . 

"It's easy to get out of the real situation by hurling charges of racism, bigotry and charges of "hate speech" against  people actively concerned for animals' lives. 

BTW no Irish person can be racist against an Irish traveller as they are Irish too! Nor can anybody be "bigoted" as being bigoted as religious connotations and both travellers and most Irish people here are Catholics.  Hate speech? That depends on individual opinion of whatever was said. But there is certainly strong criticism of the local traveller community by the local animal lovers who maintain that the traveller  community knows who the culprits are but won't tell the gardai. An animal rights campaigner told the Kilkenny Journal that if the Travellers had any sense of responsibility they should hand over the culprits responsible to the Gardai. 

The Kilkenny Journal has always supported the Travellers , however in this case we agree that the culprits should be handed over to the Gardai . And we feel that the Kilkenny People should not be so fast as to highlight unfair allegations against the animal lovers, several of whom we know and are decent and respectable citizens who do great works of charity for the animals in this city.  

Published in Front

Two Garda  assail peaceful citizens in Kilkenny today - and rob them!

- Grotesque, Unique, Bizarre and Unprecedented police action.

These two burly-looking officers actually rob and take away private property in city centre in broad daylight!

Meanwhile animal killers and gangs who assault the elderly in Kilkenny are allowed to roam free.
Kilkenny Gardai assailed pro life activists in the streets of Kilkenny and took their referendum advertising material away. This was a high-handed action without the slightest provocation or legal cause.

Yet in the same week the same gardai refuse to deal with animal killers and torturers and fail to defend an elderly man attacked in broad daylight in the middle of the city by a gang of a dozen youths crazed on drink and drugs.

What is the world coming to when decent people, whether they be pro-life or pro-choice, no matter which, are prevented by the police from pursuing their legal political activity while criminals are at the same time allowed to operate freely without let or hindrance in our city?

What are the Gardai there for at all? In fact the animal rights activists are now saying that the gardai are afraid of the thugs who kill and maim animals and attack people in the city streets - and here we have the Gardai assailing innocent and decent citizens and depriving them unlawfully of their legal property for no reason whatsoever./

The Kilkenny Journal will be closely following up this bizarre behaviour by Kilkenny Gardai and will report further on this matter as we get more news and information in.

It's Garda bullying and State censorship gone mad!

Youth Defence

WATCH: Gardai seize and remove our pro-life boards in Kilkenny today despite a letter from the Director of Public Prosections saying we have a right to show the...

See more
Published in Front
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