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There are 2,400 applicants on the Council housing list - but what they won't tell you is that the majority are immigrants!

Yet let an Irish person go abroad and seek to be housed and they'll laugh at him or her. Not a chance.
Again we are the Softest Touch of any country in the world.

Years ago I personally looked for a house in Liverpoo...l. The official quipped that I might as well be looking for a house on the moon.

Contrary to what you hear and are told the irish never got anything like any other nationality did in England. We were the very last in every queue.

In Germany , if they think you're too long on the dole, you're threatened with the Polizei and to be frogmarched to the frontier. We actually know of a man that happened too. In Spain the dole is only for a year , then you're shagged.

But in Ireland they get a lifetime in a nice council house and the best dole in the world - no wonder they're all flocking here.

And now in Kilkenny, as elsewhere, locals are being kicked back to make way for immigrants for council houses.

And you won't read this in today's reports in the local papers - because their union, the NUJ, actually sponsors mass immigration as one of their policies that all of their journalists must write favourably about.
And our politicians are afraid of them, so now you know how you're being mugged.

Kilkenny People says today:

"Over 2,400 people linger on the waiting list for accommodation in Kilkenny as the housing situation continues to stretch council services beyond their limit.

At September’s meeting of Kilkenny County Council, several councillors described situations they had encountered in their constituencies in which people are living in sub-standard housing. As of the end of August, the number of people on the housing list was 2,402, with the vast majority of these (over 1,400 people) seeking somewhere to live in Kilkenny City.

Other areas of high demand include Callan (100 people),Thomastown (88), Castlecomer (66), Piltown (43) and Kilmacow (37). While many of these people are on the housing list only in order to claim rent supplement and are in good quality private housing, the council has acknowledged there is a problem.

Director of services John McCormack said that in Kilkenny City, there is a serious shortage of private rental accomodation, coupled with the lack of new housing units under construction was exacerbating things.

“It’s a very challenging situation,” he said.

Several seasoned councillors have testified that the situation is as bad as they have ever seen it.

“I would describe the situation as ‘pure crisis’,” said Cllr Matt Doran.

“I have never seen it in such demand. We are going to have to come up with some alternatives.”

Councillors at last week’s meeting heard that two in every three people presenting themselves to council housing services are in the 21-40 age category. The reasons behind homelessness are varied, with substance misuse issues and relationship breakdown often cited, but the council has also said more recently it is seeing more people with financial issues such as mortgage difficulties and repossession.

The local authority has 2,157 accommodation units to meet housing need, along with 483 RAS units and 76 leased units with private landlords or voluntary housing associations. This doesn’t include other accommodation services such as the Good Shepherd Centre, the Amber Refuge, or units provided by parish voluntary housing associations.


Under the council’s capital programme, a number of projects are currently being managed around the county by the housing section. These include a small number of one-off rural cottages, job stimulus packages through small housing schemes, and house adaptations.

One of the ways through which the local authorities were accommodating people was the Rental Accommodation Scheme (RAS). Since the inception of the scheme in 2005, hundreds of applicants have been housed in both private and voluntary units. However, the number of landlords willing to take part in RAS has dwindled in recent years as the private market is proving generally more lucrative.

Local Fine Gael TD John Paul Phelan has said the crisis will not be resolved until a change is made to incentivise landlords to rent to council tenants. He says RAS, as it currently stands, isn’t fit for purpose.

“The rate paid to landlords needs to be urgently reviewed upwards so that our local authorities can compete with the private rental market,” said Deputy Phelan.

“We need to urgently look at properties in NAMA in this region and carry out the necessary works on suitable units so they can be occupied immediately. Why have houses and apartments empty when they could be used?

“The council has land all over this county and we need to examine which plots could be developed. This is a more long-term solution as those units most likely would not come on stream for up to two years.”
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IRELAND FOR THE IRISH. Carlow-Kilkenny by-election.

The new party, IDENTITY IRELAND launches new candidate here.

"Ireland for the Irish!", new candidate proclaims.

A decent honest-to-goodness "Ireland for the Irish" candidate Peter O'Loughlin entered the election this morning with a great speech and interview on the Pat Kenny Show.

Peter wants Ireland to leave the EU, to stop the lunatic policy of mass immigration that has brought this country to its knees along with the banking collapse, to leave the Euro and to either have our own currency back again or to rejoin Sterling, whichever the Irish people decide .

This comes at a time when the Euro is so weak it is almost on parity with the dollar so it makes sense as it would cheapen the price of imports for Ireland and create real economic expansion.


Dealing with mass immigration could save Ireland up to four billions a year in welfare, health, education, housing and accommodation, so this would be a huge saver for Ireland and for the hard-pressed Irish taxpayer.


So, for example, there would be more council houses available for local Kilkenny and Carlow Irish people, more local school places, and less waiting time for hospital beds, operations and procedures if candidates like peter were elected.

But he won't get an easy run in our Kilkenny election because the Trotskyist NUJ ( British National Union of Journalists) who control the media, including the local papers like the Kilkenny People and the Carlow Nationalist as well as the weekly freebie the Kilkenny Reporter will either block him or ignore him on orders from the faceless men who run that union in London.

They make sure you are never told the actual facts and the truth about Ireland or Kilkenny or Carlow or indeed about who is pulling the strings and ordering our lives.

They are the mouthpieces and string pullers of the Zionist international One World Order, the UN & EU, who enslave us all and who we must rise up against by voting for genuine Irish candidates like Peter O'Loughlin and a great start can be made here in Kilkenny.

Thus everybody who believes in real freedom should vote for candidates like Peter O'Loughlin on Friday May 22nd and register a huge vote against the system that enslaves us and keeps us Irish down in our own country.


At a local and country level Peter wants to abolish Irish Water and the water charges, he wants to end the piss-acting about a technological university for Kilkenny and get it started now. Likewise he wants all the mouthing about the brewery site to get real and to start up soonest this year.


Savings from our massive 700 millions overseas aid will pay for water treatment plans at home in Ireland instead of being spent on military & arms in Africa.

He's a lovely fellow and a great candidate so we give him a warm welcome as the candidate for the new party, Identity Ireland.

So let's reclaim Ireland for the Irish by voting Number One for Peter O'Loughlin in our Carlow-Kilkenny by-election next month on Friday 22nd May.

Peter O'Loughlin on Youtube in the Euro election last May in which he did well with thousands of votes.
See and hear Peter here on youtube:

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Mass immigration an issue in by-election.

Over in Langtons on Tuesday night we heard Taoiseach Enda Kenny signal that the General Election will take place in January next year, placing it before the 1916 centenary commemorations.


He predicted the next General Election would be "in 40 weeks' time or thereabouts". Forty weeks is just over nine months, so Mr Kenny's time frame would put the election at the end of January.

Speaking at the launch of Fine Gael's by-election campaign in Kilkenny for candidate David Fitzgerald, he said their 2011 remit had been to fix public finances and get the country working. "In 40 weeks' time or thereabouts, people will be asked the question, do you agree that the Government fulfilled its remit?"

The General election is the real thing, the present Carlow-Kilkenny campaign we're involved in won't change government or anything like that. By-elections are only indicators of how the electorate is thinking at a particular time, they're beauty contests as well, and they help the parties choose their candidates for the genera election. They can also serve to highlight special issues to government.

So in the by-election you can vote knowing that your vote won't change much, but you can make a point like voting for a candidate who stands for special issue. For instance you could vote for the latest addition to the by-election Peter O'Loughlin who wants to control all the mass immigration by welfare tourists into Ireland as a special interest candidate, as none of the parties or other candidates are even talking about that - though the people are!

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Thursday, 30 October 2014 15:06


Waterford & South Kilkenny news.

Circle of Lefties addressed by former notorious Kilkenny activist Joan Quirke.

It was in a little rain swept square of Waterford City tonight, it was a pathetic "march" to behold, led by the ancient and quite ugly looking comrades of the SWP , the Socialist Workers party, who maintain a tiny presence in Redmond's native city. About a dozen or so of the most timid-looking class warriors you could imagine gathered around a hastily scribbled banner. They were so few that they decided they hadn't enough numbers to march- they had no support at all there, nobody turned out for their so-called phoney "anti-racism" event.  A typical grouplet of class warriors in "action", there were no speeches as these lefties do not do the speech thing, they have nobody with the personality or the ability to pull it off, they're just a colourless little caucus trying to stir up the proverbial.

The SWP is a sick Trotskyist front , but it's behind the more powerful People Before Profit, the fraudulent front it uses to fool people and get the likes of Rich Boy Barrett elected.  It's British based and anti-national in Ireland. They're the pits.

Just in case people are wondering, especially all those people living around Waterford City in South Kilkenny, the liberals and lefties proposed counter demonstration collapsed in Waterford today as they could find nobody to go on their march slandering the local Waterford  people.

They could not find anybody to follow them in their proposed "anti-racism" march against the decent people of Waterford who are sick and tired and browned off with Roma crime, with local people knifed and robbed with iron bars used.
This "anti-racism" thing proved to be all a cod, people don't bother about "race" one way or another but just want to lead our lives as best we can, free from crime, and especially from assault and robbery.

A few no-good local radical and extremists, the usual Lefty degenerate types,  did turn out with some hastily scribbled posters after dark and of course RTE cameras rushed to the small scene in Waterford to try to make it look big.

But there was no march as such and nobody of any note or of any importance took part. In fact the farce was shunned by everybody of any note or position in the city's life.

RTE tried to play it up by interviewing a couple of the nonentities present and using wide-angle camera techniques to try to make the sad affair look somehow significant.

A dismal failure of a tiny group in the rain and just as well, it was just a small circle run by the likes of Joan Quirke, a notorious windbag and quite ugly leftie who   once here in Kilkenny city disrupted the 1994 local elections with a smear campaign in her time, before she left for Callan and Waterford to the relief of many here in Kilkenny city.  She was fired from the Noreside Resource Centre back then and with good reason too.  

There were a couple of really evil anti-national participants like that, nothing to worry the solid citizens of Urbs Intacta though.
The event was organised by the tiny local SWP - Socialist Workers Party - in Waterford, probably the most insignificant little street corner meeting in that city's proud political history.

Virtually the entire population of Waterford City is now raging at Sinn Fein after being publicly dubbed racist by Gerry Adams after sleeveen Labour equality minister Aidagain O'Raghallaigh had similarly smeared the people of Waterford.

At national media level the National Union of Journalists , the British-based NUJ, is leading RTE and all the national newspapers and publications in outright attacks on Waterford as they all subscribe to the Trotskyist ideology on racism here. The same British union, the NUJ, has had Abortion on Demand as its policy for Ireland over the past one third of a century since 1979. It has more left wing policies than most political parties and brainwashes people via all mass media outlets here whose journalists it controls. Thus we feel that the bad news for the people of Waterford is that they haven't a chance but will be smeared mercilessly by all organs of the press and by almost all political parties in the State.

The Kilkenny Journal is one of the few independent media outlets now left in Ireland.

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The Polish fellow who was responsible for the death of an elderly widow here in Kilkenny got a cheque for 3000 Euro emergency needs ( to furnish a house he hadn't got - he was homeless! ) from the former community welfare section at the County Clinic, James Green.
A single British man has a rent allowance of 500 a month, another single UK Citizen we know has a rent allowance of 450 a month - both are on the dole since they came here half a dozen years ago. Yet a Kilkenny girl in her twenties was denied rent allowance unfairly.

These are some of the facts the Kilkenny Journal has uncovered and circumstances haven't changed since the Community Welfare Officers at the County Clinic were transferred over to the Department of Social Protection at Government Buildings.

No wonder Irish people are up in arms at the way they are downgraded as compared to immigrants with regard to welfare and discriminated against in their own country and city. This is not good enough and the Kilkenny Journal calls for an independent enquiry into such discrimination here.


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43-year-old homeless KIlkenny man dies outside Irish national parliament!


Update: The worst has happened, a decent Irishman has died in the street this morning outside his own national parliament, Dail Eireann, from exposure. Meanwhile illegal entrants to the country are housed in luxury at Butlin's Holiday Camp just outside of Dublin... 

Irish homeless in Kilkenny have to stay in hostels like the Good Shepherd, if they can get in, or sleep out rough - while immigrants are housed in hotels such as the luxury Montague in Portlaoise and guest houses at the State's expense and paid while they live in luxury as well. Meanwhile an estimated 160 Irish homeless regularly sleep on the streets of Dublin. Shame on you, Ireland.

But most of the immigrants here are idle and dossing around the streets just like the Irish homeless , so what's the difference between them? Why should the Irish homeless die on the streets while the immigrant homeless here are accommodated in luxury?

And we know immigrants who are now so long employed that they must be basically unemployable, some of them having never worked, and they're on full JSA and top rent allowance for houses too here for over a dozen years .
So how can anybody accuse the Irish homeless of being layabouts and worse than these immigrants - fine young men and women that we see walking our streets?


Equality junior minister Aodagain O'Riordan is an extremist unfit to be a junior minister in the government . Michael D Higgins should be subject to serious enquiry as president after his critical remarks against the government, seeking the full dole for illegals, from South Africa where he was sunning himself .

Higgins must be impeached if he carries on interfering in strictly political matters. O'Riordain should be fired before the people fire him anyway.

O'Riordain is making a joke out of the Equality ministry he holds by putting illegal immigrants ahead of the Irish homeless in the streets. Where is the equality there? And so is Higgins. Both are hard and cruel men where the native Irish are concerned.

The illegals are housed in the luxury Montague hotel, Butlins Holiday Camp etc - while the Irish homeless are out on the streets sleeping rough in the winter cold.
It's a joke. O'Riordain is the fella who went to the gardai to have the Mayor of Naas prosecuted for so-called "racism" ( sic) - but the Gardaí threw O'Riordain out of the station and quite rightly so. They had more sense than to listen to the garbage that O'Riordain mouths.

No wonder the Labour party is destroyed and if they keep placing the welfare of foreigners ahead of the Irish poor and homeless they deserve to be destroyed, as they will be, in the general election next October or so.
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BIG MIGRANT SITE FOR KILKENNY - refugees to be housed by Kilkenny County Council in preference to locals on the housing list. 
This will become a huge election issue with Independent Noel Walsh already blaming the parties for letting the local Irish people down for houses just to suck up to Angela Merkel. 

There is no other information. There is no information about where the site will be though it is to come into operation in a couple of months. Thus there is no information or consultation with neighbours or indeed with anybody. But then this is the Department of Justice and they are traditionally dictatorial. But whatever it is it is not democracy. 
Therefore we would not be surprised is there is massive objection and protest when they move the migrants in wherever in Kilkenny.

It would definitely affect property values in the city wherever it is to be situated, so we believe that there should be adequate local information and consultation before it goes ahead.


There has been no information and no consultation whatsoever so far, it's all being done by government and party diktat.

The Government has identified 26 locations that will house the 4,000 refugees Ireland has agreed to take in. Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald said that 90…

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Barely a fortnight gone, and 2015 has already not proved a good advertisement for multiculturalism in Europe. Mosques have been bombed in Sweden, in Dresden tens of thousands of anti-immigrant marchers demand a halt the “Islamisation of the West”, and in Paris 12 die in the Charlie Hebdo attack.

“When will Rutte and other western government le...aders finally get the message: it’s war,” Dutch anti-Islamist Gert Wilders, currently up on rigged incitement charges, railed on Wednesday.

All reflect the same unhappy story of failed integration of Muslim communities into Europe and the effects of the growing gulf of misunderstanding opening up.. All raise the same difficult questions about how Europe’s mainstream parties should take on the challenges that are certain to arise.

2014 was a good year for the right. In the UK the rampant UKIP successfully drove its big issue of immigration on to the political agenda with the desperate Tories rushing to embrace new curbs on mass immigration that has now become a joke in the UK and Ireland especially. We need an IKIP in Ireland.

Success in shaping the political agenda was rewarded by political success for poll-topping UKIP in the European Parliament elections last May, a success mirrored by that of Marine Le Pen’s Front National which came out on top with 26 per cent – a historic score which has shaken the mainstream parties of left and right. Significantly, both have moved to toughen up their image on immigration. But not in Ireland where the Left and liberals dictate the opposition, unfortunately for the Irish .

In the wake of those European elections , 2015 will test whether they can consolidate and even enter government. Citizens in at least eight EU member states will be voting for national parliaments in 2015, probably here in Ireland too, and in not a few there is a real prospect that rightist groups will be invited into government by failed parties which claim to despise them but are already bending over backwards to accommodate them.

In Italy they have already done it. And in Hungary too. In Norway ( I know, not EU) a right-wing government already includes the anti-immigrant Progress Party, now the country’s third party. In Denmark centre-left prime minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt has been losing popularity, and in some polls the anti-immigrant Danish People’s Party comes out top with over a fifth of the vote.

In the Netherlands, Wilders is leading in the polls despite the incitement charges. So when will the Irish get sense and stop their country being bled dry, especially by uncontrolled non-EU mass immigration.

In Germany the establishment parties have ruled out co-operation with Pegida, the German acronym for “Patriotic Europeans Against Islamisation of the West”, while Merkel denounced the Dresden-led group.
She has also dictated to David Cameron only this week that she is not prepared to move on immigration by dismantling EU treaty commitments to free movement. Yet Germany does its own thing and refuses social welfare money to immigrants, backed up by the ECJ.

But there is a crucial difference between Germany and Ireland. Germany has a fast-ageing population, and economically immigrants there pay more tax than the social welfare benefits they are allegedly sponging.
But not in Ireland where immigrants pay only a pittance in tax compared to everybody else - but grab four billions a year of our tax money in welfare, health , education and housing benefits. And that's one reason we are poor, being cut and paying new charges including now for water.

In Sweden the minority Social Democrat government had opted for an early election in the face of “impossible” parliamentary arithmetic that allowed the far-right Sweden Democrats a policy veto. The P.M. then cancelled the election, which polls showed was unlikely to shift the balance anyway.

To succeed in Ireland any new party being launched must have immigration control at the top of its agenda if it is to succeed. For the Irish people - witness the 2004 citizenship referendum results of 80% Yes - have always been against mass immigration but betrayed by an Unholy Alliance of our governments, opposition and press.
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Breaking news: Violent Dublin extremists attack new party launch at Buswell's Hotel in Dublin today.
This is an unprovoked attack on democracy in Ireland .


Carlow-Kilkennty Dail candidate Peter O'Loughlin harassed yet again but he takes it calmly and takes the debate to the wreckers and defeats their onslaught.

Now you see the tiny minority of Dublin reds in action here at last , these commies are the people that our media and our government and our politicians surrender to all the time , listen to and enjoy the American and English accents of these Marxists and Trotskyists.

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Anti-racism protestors have disrupted the launch of a new political party. Identity Ireland formally launched as a party after handing in its papers to the Dáil today. It...


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Ireland for the Irish!

Seven Oaks Hotel, Carlow, 4.00 p.m. tomorrow, Thursday.


Election candidate Peter O'Loughlin for the new party IDENTITY IRELAND launches his campaign for election to the Dail in the Carlow-Kilkenny by-election.

His official launch will be in the Seven Oaks Hotel in Carlow at 4.00 p.m.

He intends to have his Kilkenny launch in the constituency next week.
The writ for the election was moved in the Dail today, it will be held on Friday 22nd May.

Peter and the new party IDENTITY IRELAND oppose Welfare Tourism by hundreds of thousands of immigrants here and want to save the country all that money towards our economic recovery and substantial tax reductions and rebates. Otherwise they fear that the country will eventually be ruined again.

They oppose mass immigration purely on such economic grounds and not for any racial reason. They say that there would be much more for our own Irish poor if we controlled all this mass immigration and brought an end to Ireland's open door policy.
So all those who want to see a decent country again where the Irish aren't pushed out and replaced, but who stand for prosperity for all should vote for IDENTITY IRELAND and Peter O'Loughlin number One.

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