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Monday, 25th September 2017
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Sunday, 24 September 2017 12:31


Patients worried and upset.

Drivers, patients , health staff worried she may cause cutbacks.

Local taxi drivers and their families are upset over attacks on the taxi services by Deputy Funchion of Sinn Fein. Patients who depend on these regular taxi services are upset and apprehensive that they may be deprived of their essential taxi services as a result of Funchion's attack on those services. People could be left without essential medical treatment that their lives depend upon. These taxi drivers are our heroes and heroines!

There's a thousand a week spent on taxis by the hospital services in ferrying able-bodied patients to clinics and the like, and Funchion wants this stopped. It's small beer for a fine service by the men and women of the Kilkenny taxi services. And it is mean and petty-minded for Deputy Funchion to call for this essential service to be cut off. This taxi service is very economical and saves the HSE and taxpayer a lot of money every week. My Dad used to praise the taxi drivers for their great care and consideration, men like Billy Delaney and Kevin Barry all those years ago. You would not credit the genuine care and compassion that Kilkenny taxi drivers put into this work of genuine service and care. Deputy Funchion is, not for the first time, way out of touch with the real situation on the ground.

Now my Dad was Ambulance controller at St. Luke's, I grew up in an ambulance environment , so I understand how it works. Is young Ms. Funchion so empty-headed that she does not realise that there are elderly folk fearful of getting into an ambulance at their time in life, but happily get into a taxi to be ferried to hospital. has she any clue at all?

Taxis will always be needed to ferry able-bodied patients in order to save ambulances for emergencies. It's a help, it can't be denied, to taxi drivers hard-pressed to make a living as well. Anybody that begrudges these dedicated taxi drivers of Kilkenny this few quid towards making up a week's wages does not deserve to be elected as a TD in the Dail. Anybody who would cold-heartedly curtail such a valuable service doesn't deserve another vote.

Leave our taxis and leave the patients that depend on them alone, Deputy Funchion - they must not suffer just because politicians like you haven't a clue. We hope that this will be an end to all the anxiety that Deputy Funchion has caused to taxi drivers and the patients they serve with such dedication and care.

It is totally irresponsible for Deputy Funchion to be shouting her mouth off like this with the risk of encouraging those who always want any excuse for cutbacks in the health and hospital area. She should leave things alone as they are - if it isn't broken don't try to fix it, Deputy Funchion.

Taxi drivers we know actually depend on this few extra quid to bring up their families and send their children to school, feed and clothe them. They are worried, they tell The Kilkenny Journal, by such inconsiderate remarks from a dail deputy of all people. Elderly neighbours have also expressed their worry and anxieties over Funchion' s remarks as they depend totally on the taxi drivers to get to their medical appointments, clinics and hospital . It's a great little service for a paltry grand a week all told. So what is she on about at all?

She is only encouraging those management consultants who always want to cut down on everything , especially everything that ordinary people depend upon. What would the pensioners of this city, many of them living alone and who can't drive, do without their taxies, just imagine their plight and their horror at reading Funchion's remarks in the paper. You are never going to get ambulances and ambulance drivers to replace the taxis within the current health budget cutbacks. So what on earth is Funchion on about, does she realise the extent of the social damage to the community that her proposals would cause, has she any idea of how many elderly folk in particular depend on these taxes - many of them reluctant to go in ambulances. What sort of a head has she on her at all?

People, especially the old folk, are worried sick over Deputy Funchion's proposals. Can she not understand that taxis are an essential service in many elderly people's lives? Her proposals to cut these taxi services has caused great angst in the Kilkenny elderly and disabled persons' lives in this city and county. 
Funchion herself, an active younger person of health and wealth who drives herself in a fine car obviously hasn't a clue about how the other half live., she shows no understanding of the world in which people who are permanent outpatients live, none at all of the transport needs of the elderly, and damn all care or compassion either.

This deputy continuously shouts her mouth off here in the constituency - but has nothing to say in the Dail. And no wonder - she would be eaten alive by more down-to-earth deputies with savvy who understand the realities facing the everyday lives of their constituents if she came up with her scheme to do away with taxis that are essential to the transportation side of health care in the community.

Local TDs for Kilkenny have hit out at the taxi costs with one accusing the HSE of trying to cover for for a lack of ambulances by “providing taxis instead”.


Thursday, 21 September 2017 13:31


Great traffic relief along Dominic Street and Kennyswell.

The new St. Francis Bridge is working to the great relief of the residents along what was called "the Race Track" and Kennyswell.

Residents from the Sceilp Inn to the Black Cat are delighted that all the heavy traffic past their doors seems to be gone. Well it's not gone, it's still there but thanks to the new bridge it's flowing a lot better, it's at optimum flow, it's gone so fast that all the previously suffering residents no longer notice it.

And the bridge has become a joy to all motorists who openly declare that they adore it.

Of course there's no mention of this in the mainstream media as their job these days seems to be to kill any news that might get them in trouble with the serious coterie of protesters. . The local media prefers to play it safe with farrming and GAA reports and the like so as not to outrage with some real genuine news of what is really happening on the ground in Kilkenny. - only The Kilkenny Journal handles that! 
Kilkenny Journalism has historically been conservative, always playing it safe.

Since the new bridge opened traffic is gone in a flash up along Dominic Street, all along that route from the Sceilp to the Black Cat. There are even moments of no traffic at all happening now. All the hold-ups along Kennyswell are a thing of the past since our new bridge opened last May.

Granted it could look better in the under-structure. Yes it's concrete - but so is John's Bridge! The thing is that it is an engineering success but the likes of the local Kilkenny newspaper , the Kilkenny People , that fanned the protests led by its doyen, Cllr. Malcolm Noonan, won't dare admit this.

Motorists love the bridge but the Kilkenny People won't report this either, because basically some of its reporting staff sympathised with the protest and with the protesters who are their friends. You had that sort of connivance but not serious enough to call a conspiracy. However that's all bad history now better buried back in the past. 
Suffice it to say that the new bridge has turned out to be a traffic engineering marvel- and that despite all the doom and gloom portrayed by Cllr. Noonan and his ilk in the local paper and over the local radio news.

We are happy to say that all throughout that regrettable episode in Kilkenny's political history the Kilkenny Journal stood firm in support of the new bridge as the solution to our traffic problems, and unlike our detracrors we are happy to be proven right.

There are decent former protesters that now even acknowledge this and we're all friends again. The only difficulty the Kilkenny Journal had was an issue with the look of the sub-structure of the bridge , we felt it had little architectural merit - though the vistas of the city unfolding from the surface of the bridge are astounding and well worth getting along there with your camera to photograph.

As regards The Kilkenny People newspaper they will have to get used to the Internet and especially to the fact that a once-a-week newspaper reporting on a Wednesday is a thing of the past in this age of instantaneous news. Their circulation is now a mere pittance of what it was in bygone glory days, and that's why that newspaper was amongst a group of titles sold off to a Londoner recently for a mere pittance. Certainly they are better than the free papers, two of them, also circulating once a week in the city and subject to the same once-a-week ancient restriction, but that's about all.

Back to our new bridge, though it's still hurtful on the eye it's a traffic engineering miracle as the Central Access Scheme is seen to work. Yes, the CAS is working at long last, just drive around and experience it for yourselves. And there's great space for pedestrians and cyclists too. In fact the cyclists of Kilkenny favour both new bridges. We have even come across users stoutly defending Kilkenny's new bridge, writing and commenting here in The Kilkenny Journal most favourably about it.

Meanwhile our well-known city protesters are left looking for a new issue. They have had a meeting in the Home Rule Club about the perilous state of the soil on the old Brewery site and indeed it's no harm to highlight such problems that are there for us to overcome. Such is a worthwhile role, that of the Meeting, the Discussion and the Think-In.

The new bridge is "fabulous", we are told," it's fantastic", "it has dealt with the traffic problems in one fell swoop" - these are some of the comments we have had from drivers in particular.

But cyclists too are a lot safer now as a result of the smoothly flowing traffic through the city. It even sounds a lot quiter and more peaceful, if that be possible.

The one councillor who risked the wrath of the protesters to achieve all this is Councillor David Fitzgerald who bravely spoke out about the business benefits that the new bridge and CAS in full flow would bring to our city. On the opposing side of the chamber Councillor Pat Fitzpatrick, who in his time has represented Kilkenny city, supported it too.

We now look forward, with the new bridge in optimum flow, to the temporary shutdown for refurbishment of Greens Bridge to render it every bit as lovely as it was the first day it was built 250 years ago.

With the new bridge such a success the temporary shutdown of Greens Bridge should represent no problem, we are sure the engineers will agree.

Next up then will be the utilization of the old brewery site in the best role it can fulfil for this city, and whatever role that is will be greatly enhanced by the new bridge that will lead right into the new site.

We live in great times for Kilkenny after only recently getting over both the bridge and water protests and indeed Independent Noel Walsh's campaign against Phil Hogan and his Household Charge too - remember!

We have always been a great crowd for protest in recent times , but perhaps more thinking is required in future , Think-Ins rather than placard protests. Think about it:-)

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Sunday, 17 September 2017 16:22



Ali is a lovely fellow, he is one of my best friends. He loves Kilkenny and he loves life on the dole here. He arrived here from Somalia in 2002 and is really popular with everybody, he is such a friendly man.

He doesn't smoke or drink, is a devout Muslim. But he hastens to explain, as he bought new jeans in Dunnes, that the Muslims of Kilkenny, about a thousand of them in our city, are very friendly people and not of the dangerous kind.

He saves from his Dole and asks my advice on the best camera to buy - he says he has a budget of 2000 Euro saved to pay for it. Of course I recommend Nikon to him, though he is still undecided between the latest Fuji and Sony models.

Ali tells me that there are many others in the same boat as him as immigrants in Kilkenny: "They make small money as taxi men and such", he says, "coming from abject poverty in Somalia I prefer life on the dole, it is a good life in comparison to what I went through. I got into Ireland because there was civil war in the south of my country where I lived, it's quietened down now, but I'll never go back, life is simply too good here!"

Ali spends his days drinking coffee in Supermacs and generally lounging about the city centre chatting with all the friends he has made here. He is a lovely harmless man. I try to interest him in different careers, in education, with night classes starting up now in the Tech for the Autumn but he is not interested. He says his life is now grand and he wants no changes at all, but thanks me very much for my well-meaning suggestions. He settles on the Fuji X camera and now plans to buy it as cheaply as possible online. He uses an iPhone too, though it's an older model.

He tells me he spends his time helping the Imam and that is work enough for him. He describes the Imam as fabulous, as "a lovely man of Allah" who loves all of Kilkenny and promises to introduce me. He looks forward with great expectation to the new Mosque to be built over by St. Kieran's cemetery in the industrial estate ( opposite Lidl) as reported exclusively here in the Kilkenny Journal. The other local media won't report it for some strange reason or other. I joke with Ali that the dead will hardly object about it to An Bord Pleanala and he laughs heartily along with me.

He casts a cold eye on the drink and says it's a curse. He also disdains pork with a grimace, he can't understand how anybody can eat a pig, and maybe he's right when you come to think of it. He regards smokers as the greatest fools of all.

Ali says that a job is not everything, that there is more to life. In fact he says he doesn't ever want to work, revealing that he has never had a job in his life. But he says that he's not the only one, though some of the others are doing courses and might work one day.

In contrast my other friend Aziz from Morocco has spent a couple of years in Thomastown Tech and in the Newpark Hotel training as a chef and is a hardworking fellow who loves the job. He says that fellows like Ali are "gone in the head" and Ali just laughs at this calling Aziz a slave. Aziz replies that fellows like Ali shouldn't be allowed into the country in the first place, that there should be a condition that they should work and hold a job down. Aziz says that he couldn't live without a job. Ali replies that he is an irish citizen and will therefore do as he likes . They're both laughing and joking about it as our interview ends.

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These politicians know how to really twist it. It is Councillor Noonan and his Green party that have helped cause the mass immigration of a million people into this country that has led to all the homelessness.

This is sheer cant and hypocrisy from Noonan. But it's not alone Noonan's fault, it's the fault of the clique of virtue signallers that follow him and encourage him and his ilk throughout the country.

Councillor Noonan has the reputation of housing Travellers - and we have always agreed with him on that as they are Irish. There are plenty of Council houses as it is to house all the Irish and all the travellers requiring houses in this country.

Any emergency that there is there is as a result of Noonan's green party launching mass immigration into Ireland when they were in government with Fianna fail, the time they broke the country's back between them. In fact during that time Leo Varadkar came under fire for daring to propose that immigrants be paid off with six month's welfare money to leave the country.

There would be no hospital beds crisis either except for mass immigration - I remember a time when there were apare beds in St. Luke's Hospital, Kilkenny.

several immigrants I spoke to don't want any more immigration forced on us either as it is the immigrants here already that stand to lose most by any further mass immigration where there is not enough for those already here.

Noonan is all mouth - he has the neck to call for emergencies while everybody else does the hard work. he is a typical hurler on the ditch fawning to the crowd. He smears those most concerned with the country and with the people as racists. Why even recently he smeared the animal lovers of Kilkenny who wanted to save the horses as racists. Noonan , as we have remarked before here, is an operator , but he is increasingly these days an operator that more and more people can see through. The homeless don't want the empty rhetoric and shibboleths of such a political actor as he.

Malcolm Noonan only recently performed a classic U-Turn on the Walkin Street protesters that he pretended to represent only to let them down deliberately to the Bord Pleanala Inspector. That's reported verbatim by the journalist present at the meeting on the Kilkenny People website - but not subsequently printed in the Kilkenny People newspaper because it was pulled by Noonan's media pals, part of the same liberal elite in this city. Noonan U-turned on his former neighbours when he heard that there were twenty refugeees lined up for nice apartments in the proposed Council blocks at Walkin Street. He also sold out the residents as he depends on his Council salary and expenses to make his living that is otherwise that of the precarious livelihood of a guitar and mouth organ player in the pubs.

This latest call for an emergency is a shallow call from a hollow person. Malcolm Noonan has done nothing to help the homeless in his life and never will. If you regard the Travellers as homeless people then he has helped them, that we admit and agree with.As regards being called an emergency we believe that has been done already several times over. Noonan is only doing it again as a cheap way to draw attention to himself but at the expense of the homeless. Homelessness would be an In Thing cause for Noonan and his virtue-signalling clique in this city - that's how they use the homeless. Shallow little operators like Councillor Noonan are a dime a dozen in the world of politics and now he has proven this yet again.

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Wednesday, 13 September 2017 00:22



-But we say he needs rehabilitation and not jail.

A man has been sentenced to two months in prison for offences committed after cyclists were knocked off their bikes in the final moments of Rás na mBan in Kilkenny on Sunday afternoon.

Evan O’Shaughnessy, with an address at Derdimus, Tennypark in Kilkenny , pleaded guilty to two offences at a sitting of Kilkenny District Court.

Mr O’Shaughnessy was charged under Section 6 of the Public Order Act for threatening and abusive behaviour on the High Street in Kilkenny City on September 10.

He was also charged with Section 4 of the Public Order Act for being intoxicated in public on the same date.

Mr O’Shaughnessy was arrested on Sunday after he impeded the Rás na mBan cyclists during the final few hundred metres of the race in Kilkenny over the weekend.

The participants careered down High Street in Kilkenny City as hundreds watched on in trepidation.

Cyclists were just coming up to the finish line when, according to witnesses, Mr O’Shaughnessy went out onto the road and collided with a number of the cyclists as they came down High Street.

The racers were just a few hundred metres from the finish line when the accident happened.

Witnesses said two of the cyclists came off their bikes and suffered a bad fall.

Their bikes were a write-off. One witness said the cyclists were “taken out of it” in the accident.
Mr O’Shaughnessy was arrested at the scene. He didn't know what planet he was on.

He was later charged and on Monday he was convicted for two offences under the Public Order Act and sentenced to two months in prison.
Usually drunkenness would incur a fine but this sentence is seen as punishment for such highly dangerous behaviour.

However we are convinced that prison will do no good as the defendant needs rehabilitation and not punishment. On Sunday in High Street he hadn't a clue what world he was in. We hope at least that the prison authorities direct him to Alcoholics Anonymous

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Thursday, 07 September 2017 22:17


Plagiarism on Kilkenny County Council.


Malcolm Noonan accused of hijacking fellow councillor's work!


Councillor Tyrrell has now protested over this theft of his project openly to the media. 
And Councillor Breda Gardner has stated that she is witness that it is Councillor Tyrrell's project and nobody else's. Breda is a very honest person.

Cllr. Tyrrell is very much aggrieved that all his hard work is being purloined so. We are in no way surprised as we have always referred to Malcolm as an "Operator". he is the Jack the Lad of Kilkenny County Council.

Malcolm obviously can't keep up with the dynamism of his young rival, Councillor Tyrrell - Sean is easily the hardest working on the Council. He is a young man inspired.

We all await a public reply from Councillor Noonan who falsely claimed the project as his in the Kilkenny People yesterday. 
In all fairness Cllr. Tyrrell works damned hard at his projects and Malcolm Noonan should respect this, as Sean Tyrrell respects Cllr. Noonan's own projects and does not go near them .

We await a reply from Cllr. Malcolm Noonan on these charges of plagiarism, now that he has been caught red-handed with his hands in Cllr. Tyrrell's briefcase.


Councillor Sean Tyrrell issued the following statement on the matter to the media this evening:

" Ever frustrated by strikers taking credit for teammates goals, singers taking credit for songwriter's songs,well I know how you feel - just had a Cllr take credit for my hard work and ideas....the following motion I had submitted at July's County Council meeting, only for a Cllr to hi-jack my work...

"That Kilkenny County Council carry out an investigation in the County to ensure that any residential apartment blocks or commercial units with residential use above or adjacent to them are not using the same or similarly dangerous cladding as was used in the London, Grenfell Tower Block.

"It also needs to be assured that the same or similarly dangerous cladding will not be used for future builds either in residential or commercial units going forward ".

"The article in yesterday's "Kilkenny People" was actually my hard work regarding cladding used in apartment developments in the county of Kilkenny.

"I agreed to re-submit my motion in October's meeting because the local authorities didn't have the answers and were waiting to hear back from management companies and landlords of apartment blocks or high rise buildings...
"I can only assume information was leaked and made public to water down the seriousness of this issue...Kilkenny People were present at July's public meeting, they didn't feel the issue was worth reporting back in July,

"Question arises why they didn't contact me on this issue and they are fully aware my above motion will be submitted again in Oct, why not wait until the answers come back from management companies and landlords?" ENDS. Signed, Sean Tyrrell, Councillor, Kilkenny County Council. FOR RELEASE.


The Kilkenny People newspaper does always favour Cllr. Noonan, taking every opportunity to promote the local green party councillor , that is going on for years 
- and the newest journalist there at the KP is obviously keeping up that questionable tradition.

Following on from the Grenfell Tower tragedy in London the Department of Housing sent two circulars to local authorities on fire safety measures in multi-storey and multi unit residential developments
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Wednesday, 06 September 2017 17:03



Out to smash the border with EU help.

Editorial by Michael McGrath.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and his foreign minister Simon Coveney are utilising the massive power of the EU to smash the British border in Ireland.

And in doing this they will take masses of young votes away from Sinn Fein, as well they know.

Either of these men is a formidable politician in his own right, together they must be nigh on invincible.

And if they keep pressing the British on getting Ireland a favourable Brexit there will be no stopping Fine Gael in the next general election here.

At local level they could even grab three seats in Carlow-Kilkenny, with either ex-mayor Patrick O'Neill or Council Chairman David Fitzgerald shading the third seat.

But they simply have to make noise on the housing front and here in Kilkenny we have offered the Sion House Project for minister John Paul Phelan's attention - a bold stroke like that could land the third seat , allied with a significant move on the Brewery site by David Fitzgerald.

Varadkar and Coveney must be careful to proceed without humiliating Britain in any way, they must be careful about that in their EU negotiations. Then they have everything to win as they place the final pieces of the jigsaw towards the virtual disappearance of the border in their onward quest for Irish unity.
They have been playing a blinder in Europe so far!
Simon Coveney is easily the most successful minister in this government.

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Wednesday, 06 September 2017 00:42



Kathleen Funchion with the new man in her life, Cllr. Sean Tyrrell. She has been holidaying in the USA after another uneventful year in Kilkenny politics - though they enthusiastically agree that the pay and expenses are absolutely fabulous.

Kathleen seems to be a believer in involving her lovers in politics - doubling up on all the money of course.

Her husband is Deputy David Cullinane of Waterford, also of course a devoted Shinner rolling in the money.

They have been seen during the year down at Kilkenny court obviously sorting their parting out, Kathleen accompanied by her solicitor, Grace of Callan.

Since she split with Cullinane she has been with Sean who she had selected as a county councillor in her place when she left the Council for the Dail.

Kathleen looks forward to another lucrative political partnership, a shrewd woman she follows in the footsteps of the many other successful political partnerships in Irish politics that wax wealthy on government cheques on the double every month.

Such is an excellent example of how political fortunes are made. Isn't Ireland the greatest little country in the world for politicians , and especially for politicians who double and even treble up for all the money.

Pity none of them are any good, though. Kathleen is the second poorest speaker in the Dail, Sean is excused as a starter on the Council, Cullinane is the best operator though the sourest of the trio.

Shinners Ltd is the best business in Ireland at the moment and republicanism is the royal road to power and riches. Kathleen now occupies plush offices on New Street where Phil Hogan once presided on his own way to fame and fortune. All the happy couple have to do is follow in Big Phil's footsteps and they can't go wrong.

Doesn't Sean look a bit like John Lennon and Kathleen a bit like Cilla. So here's to them with the Beatles screaming out "Money, that's what we want!"

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Friday, 25 August 2017 06:08


Kilkenny Arts Festival funds trousered.


"The best music of the Kilkenny Arts Festival is the sound of the fiddle".

Deputy editor Sean Keane tries in his usual flippant manner to paper over the cracks in a report that is pure P.R.

The Alternative Kilkenny Arts is NOT the Kilkenny Arts Festival and is indeed ignored by the main Kilkenny Arts festival, receiving no recognition, finance , subsidy or resource of any kind .

The main Kilkenny Arts Festival gobbles up hundreds of thousands in grants from the Arts Council and KIlkenny County Council as well as hundreds of thousands in ticket sales and this is all privately trousered.

Not a cent goes to art or artists, it is all trousered. It is all one massive con job on the city and the people of Kilkenny.

They hire in the cheapest acts and pay 150 quid a night for St. Canice's cathedral - where they take 30,000 a night throughout the festival. All of this , after the cheap acts are paid, is trousered.

Mr. Keane suggests that business makes 5 millions, there is no proof of this - but the old arts week before it was taken over by the present crew was always great for business anyway. In fact the former Kilkenny Arts Week could have brought even more money into the city, compared to today's festival where all the grants and ticket sales go into private pockets.

The Kilkenny People newspaper profits from advertisements from these private arts festival promoters , so there's your explanation for Mr. Keane's extravagant claims.

As regards the visual arts we get only the efforts of local artists in venues like "cardboard city" on the Parade where the artists were swept out of it by torrential rain. Some shops, hotels and pubs help out but not a red cent is received by the fringe from the private operators who now own the Kilkenny Arts Festival for their own pockets.

Councillor Noonan is trying to build up a new political bandwagon for himself out of the AKA Fringe, as politicians will do - but he never founded or had anything to do with the AKA up to recently.

And now Cllr. Noonan together with Deputy Editor Keane tries to confuse the AKA as having something to do with the Kilkenny Arts Festival proper , as if that were the case. It is not. The AKA gets NOTHING from the Kilkenny Arts Festival operators, often it looks like they don't even want the AKA though there's nothing they can do about it. In any case the operators are happy to trouser some hundreds of thousands between them , so you can run all the fringes you like!

To be honest, to artists like Ramie Leahy the Kilkenny Arts Festival ( that he founded over forty years ago) is today just one big fiddle - but the Kilkenny People hides this as a matter of policy because of the rich vein of advertising revenue they reap from the Festival , while Noonan tries to cull votes from it , so to be honest he stands to gain the least.But he does confuse the two events that run alongside each other over the ten days and he's probably useful to the promoters thus.

Keane is wrong about the original aim/objective of the Kilkenny Arts Week. It was never to make money for pubs - well and good if that happened. The aim was to highlight the arts in Kilkenny, to bring in the best of art and artists to the city and to re-invest any proceeds in the arts, artists and arts resources of Kilkenny.

It was never about filling hotel beds, but well and good iif that happened, it was for art and artists. But all of that worthy objective was well and truly ignored once again over the past fortnight while the maxiumum profits were screwed out of the main events above in St. Canice's cathedral and trousered by the present directors, as well as all the money in from the Arts Council and County Council grants!

As a result there is no money left in either kitty to finance the arts and artists in Kilkenny. The city is being milked annually of all those monies that could go to arts and artists, to fund a local art gallery for instance, maytbe a gallery of photography too.

The pity of it is that now again this year all the money is gone out of Kilkenny for yet another year as the arts in Kilkenny city and county are once again straved of any resources at all. All the arts money is gone, we have nothing for arts in Kilkenny, we haven't had since our Arts festival was taken over approximnately seventeen years ago by legal trickery.

The Kilkenny People should at least be decent enough to remain silent rather than spin a whole line of propaganda to cover all this fiddling of Kilkenny's resources that should be going to the promotion of the arts and artists here.

Further we have fallen tragically behind in the arts festival scene - Galway Arts Festival, which is an honest arts fesrival unlike the one here, has the greatest of international visual artists. We have fallen so much that even the operators of the arts festival here have admitted that we're not a patch on Edinburgh- how the hell could we be when the entire profits of the Kilkenny Arts Festival now lie in private bank accounts as we write.

The main director of the Kilkenny Arts Festival is also Chairman of the local radio station KCLR, so that's wrapped up and you're not going to hear a murmur from there either except false praise as we get from the Kilkenny People - because they all have their gobs in the trough.

The greatest music of the Kilkenny Arts Festival is the sound of the fiddle!

Running simultaneously with the Arts Festival, The Alternative Kilkenny Arts (AKA) provided two weeks of exhibitions, plays, poetry, literature, talks and debates, music and community engagement. By adopting a simple principle to provide a platform…
Wednesday, 16 August 2017 14:34



Presentation convent girls, photo by Pat Moore.

Just over a thousand students received their Leaving Cert results this morning across Kilkenny city and county.

In the city there were outstanding results at the Presentation Secondary School where seven students received over 600 points.

Principal Shane Hallahan said that he was 'thrilled with the results', with several students scoring exceptionally high results.

One very happy pupil was Lauren Kennedy who received seven H1's and is hoping to study medicine or pharmacy.

Lauren's Mum, Kate said that she was very happy with her daughter's results, which are all the more remarkable considering that she was ill during the school year and missed more than a month in attendance.

Brother Damien Brennan, principal of Edmund Rice College (Callan CBS), congratulated the students on their efforts and the grades achieved.

He says there was an "even spread of results across the line" with some doing extremely well.

One young student got five H1's, he said.

In the city, Principal of CBS Kilkenny Tom Clarke said it had been 'another set of outstanding results'.

"The change in the grading system will have implications obviously, particularly in terms of points totals," he said.

"There are a number of benefits to it. Students who may have previously opted for one or two Ordinary Level would now maybe take all Higher level.

He said the large number of students who are in the top points bracket was welcome.

"But as well, we celebrate the success of students across the spectrum," he said.

"In modern times, we in are in an environment where there's a huge amount of opportunities for students - from PLCs, apprenticeships, IT, university system - which ensures all students can map out their route to what best fits their aptitudes.

"I would like to congratulate all students and parents, and staff of the school. Essentially, the results are testament to the efforts of them working together to achieve the best results for all students, and enabling all students to achieve their potential."

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