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Monday, 25th September 2017
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First Look: Inside Kilkenny's €6.5m Medieval Mile Museum

Ireland's Ancient East

Set in the 13th century St. Mary's Church, the official opening follows a five-year restoration and excavation that threw up many surprise finds.

Tickets to the Medieval Mile Museum, which is intended to tie Kilkenny's medieval hits and heritage elements together, are priced from €7/€3pp (adults/children).

Displays range from civic treasures like the city's sword, mace and 'Liber primus Kilkenniensis' (a record book dating from 1231), to replicas of the High Crosses of Ossory, and some stunning medieval sculptures and Renaissance tombs.

Replica High Crosses of Ossory at the Kilkenny Mile Museum. Photos: Luca Truffarelli / MedievalMileMuseum.ie66Replica High Crosses of Ossory at the Kilkenny Mile Museum. Photos: Luca Truffarelli /

800 years of history are housed under one roof at St. Mary's, with a modern twist - interactive tables function like giant iPads, and visitors can absorb information from long plasma TV screens and imagery projected onto a giant wall.

The €6.5 million museum was commissioned by Kilkenny County Council, with "significant assistance" from Fáilte Ireland’s Capital Programme and additional funding from Kilkenny Civic Trust.

You can take a look inside the museum in our galleries here, in the video (above, top) or in the full-length version here on YouTube.

Kilkenny's 'Medieval Mile', which stretches from Kilkenny Castle to St. Canice's Cathedral, has become a key hook for tourism in recent years. Both it, and the new museum, are flagship attractions for Ireland's Ancient East.

The Kilkenny room in the Kilkenny Mile Museum. Photos: Luca Truffarelli / MedievalMileMuseum.ie66The Kilkenny room in the Kilkenny Mile Museum. Photos: Luca Truffarelli /

During excavations, a host of discoveries delighted and surprised those working on the project, and many of these - including bones, Roman coins, brooches, mounts, weapons and toys - will eventually appear as exhibits.

Another highlight is the ornate Rothe Chapel, with exposed tombs belonging to the medieval merchant Rothe family. Towards the rear of the building, with views over the city, the Kilkenny Room houses civic artefacts and papers.

45-minute guided tours are available from €12/€5 for adults/children, and the museum will also host temporary exhibitions and events.

Thursday, 30 March 2017 23:01


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Great book out next week with many photos of old Kilkenny and all its characters and the lifestyle, dress, manners and customs of the day when people were much better behaved with a lot less in jail - in 1965 there were only about 120 prisoners in the country's jails!  Great scenes of old Kilkenny when dinner was in the middle of the day and you could smell all the lovely cooking passing houses - when most women knew how to cook! 

There were at least five bakeries in the city and the lovely smells in passing them would give one pangs of hunger and bring floods of saliva to our mouths. Sadly the last of the bakeries, Kieran Crottys, was shut down by trade union action. 

Pictured on the front cover is Kilkenny's own "Jack The hearse" , that loveable character Dan Quigley of the Butts - he used to "lead" the Majorettes band too , and all social occasions such as the Patrick's Day Parade. It was a time when women were women and men were men , as you'll realise from the photos,  that's sometimes hard to know these liberated days!

Sunday, 10 January 2016 20:52

Countess markievicz in Kilkenny in 1916

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Monday, 13 April 2015 21:30

Ye Olde Kilkenny RIC Station.

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A tranquil setting to the rear of the old RIC barracks at the Bull Ring, Kilkenny. This is going to be very valuable land within the zoned area for the projected Abbey Creative Quarter at the old brewery site.


The remains of the old Red Lion Inn at the Bull Ring, Kilkenny, along by Smithwicks brewery. It's probably Elizabethan or even earlier. Today it's a rear storage area for the Italian Connection restaurant in Parliament Street. It could be important again yet in city life with the development of the Abbey Creative Quarter all around.

The gable end of the former no 22 Vicar Street now corseted in steel by Kilkenny County Council as work proceeds apace on the CAS bridge access from Vicar Street across a couple of back gardens to the new bridge site at the river only 100 yards distant.
At the other side of the bridge access road the house at no. 20 is well secured. The bridge itself is to resume in a couple of months time for the summer. It is more important than ever now with up to 28 millions being poured into the projected new Abbey Creative Quarter there at the river on the old Smithwicks brewery site.

Sunday, 08 September 2013 08:43

Landscape of the day

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