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I was asked to help some immigrants last night with publicity about their plight.  So I visited their flat in  an old house in the Village area of the city. There was an overpowering smell of damp,  a sweet mustiness in the dank air. Not only did the stairs creak but there was a loose board in it. The toilet stank so much I had to retreat. I asked and was told that they were paying top rent for three to the bedroom, a tiny attic room I had to bend down in because of the low ceiling.

The landlord is getting good money including their rent allowances from the three lovely Bangladeshi girls who have to live in all that squalor - they came over from England last year where they had been with relations in Shepherds Bush, London.

This pitiful scene is replicated across this city.  This dive was never inspected by the HSE, well maybe it was thirty years ago. The girls told me they would have much better accommodation in England , but they came here for the double dole they get, the Irish dole being over double what they were getting in England. 
One of them doesn't get the dole , but she gets paid the same amount as the dole every week by the county clinic while she awaits the outcome of her dole application. This is all so dreadful, for the immigrants and the Irish alike. We have to stand by helpless as grasping Irish landlords rent out kips like this for big money.

I never thought that Ireland, that our lovely city of Kilkenny would sink to this. It struck me that by having encouraged all the mass immigration we have encouraged this awful scenario that I  witnessed last night to become the stark reality it is all over our fair land.

And it's cost a bomb, almost as much as bailing out the banks, but all the cost of this misery goes on unabated as Rachman-like landlords enrich themselves beyond all with big money from renting out their filthy hovels . It all started in the Galway Tent with landlord butties of Fianna Fail, developers and such assorted gangsters and con men dreaming up the whole goddam filthy rotten scheme to provide themselves with cheap labour from these poor unfortunate people , thus creating a whole new permanent underclass in Ireland , just when we had rid ourselves of poverty, recreating the entire nightmare over for the country all over again.

There are something like 20,000 immigrants now in Kilkenny, city and county. Many of those endure even worse holes than the girls in the Village last night. Incredibly, it's beyond belief, but I have been told of kips that have been opened up in old buildings that haven't been inhabited since the Civil War or even before that,  in this massive billion-pound landlord industry paid for by the government and taken from you and me.  

And what is it all about, why were all these unfortunate poor people inveigled and encouraged in here to an Ireland, to a Kilkenny with no jobs? This is dreadful as now, as the girld told me, they have nowhere else in the world to go, and this is the case with thousands of these people.

All I can say, having witnessed this nightmare on the frontline , it is the work of obviously demented nutters that we elected to be our leaders , they have made a ramshackle out of the country and out of Kilkenny. And now their representatives are about to descend looking for votes on our doors again in the local elections in May as they kill all this with silence. We're not supposed to know about it or see it - do they really think we're as stupid as they are! 

It's an entire industry , capitalising on all this misery of whole nations of people from the Third World. Here you can see all the quango organisations , well most of them anyway, all paid by the government, all these shadowy people on massive salaries who benefit every bit as much as the Scrooge-like landlords from the misery of the human tide that has flooded into Ireland over the past dozen years or so.

It is a shame on all our local politicians, this awful state of affairs is going on for over ten years now in our city and not a single one of them has opened their mouths as they and their parties try to kill this scandal with silence. What Judases, what thugs and gangsters, what sly b*stards these politicians and their parties really are - drive them from your doors!
People forced to live like animals , like pigs in such squalor, in this day and age and in the middle of Kilkenny, it is truly sickening, so much so that I am beginning to think that politicians have monstrous minds and need sorting out, not anybody voting for them. How could you, how could anybody vote for Fianna Fail and their Green party allies after they caused all this. I am still sickened after the kip I experienced last night, it is really very depressing indeed.

Have any of these politicians any conscience at all, have people any consciences to allow it to go on in our midst, in silence saying nothing. Ignore it and it will go away - this seems to be the policy of Fine Gael and Labour  as they just blame Fianna Fail for it but stand by and do nothing about these shitholes that thousands upon thousands of human beings from far-off lands are brought in here to suffer, and for what may I ask, for what? What is the point of it all now that the country is in deep recession and heading for a real recession in a couple of years. What have we all these poor unfortunate people in here for in the first place, the poor wretches. What sense is there to it? As well as being thick and obtuse there are certainly a lot of nutters running this country over the past fifteen years, no wonder it's all gone down the toilet.

But right now action is needed, not words, to clear all these Kilkenny slums, and of course to close down all such slums all over the country , there must be a hundred thousand of these kips opened up since the immigrants started coming en masse about 15 years ago.

The newspapers and radio and television are to blame too, they won't touch this tide of human misery with a barge pole, they all have this news censored between them. You won't read about this in the Kilkenny People or the Kilkenny Reporter , and certainly not in The Irish Times. There is no point in buying a newspaper today as all you get are lovely pics of social events - but none of them have a social conscience any more. Anyway they only release and give you such news as they decide is good for you. 

And as for all these party hacks  coming your way for a vote in the upcoming local elections next May they are not worth a shit, none of them, It is their type that has caused all this, that maintain all this awful state of affairs and who have destroyed Ireland.


(the poet, John Donne)

None dare speak of it, it's the elephant in the room, yet mass immigration costs Ireland almost as much as the banking crisis at an estimated 8 Billions a year in Health, Education, Social Welfare, Housing and all government services to keep almost a million extra people in Ireland. ...
The forces lined up to make the Irish a minority in their homeland
If you are looking for the Thread 'The Justification for Mass Immigration' it can be found here . “We can listen and we can learn from the

30 years ago Father Jackie Robinson condemned the slum flatland of Kilkenny - now all those derelict flats are opened up again for the immigrants, thanks to Fianna Fail in particular., who started all this. Nobody should ever vote for them again, never, after what I've seen. It's a disgrace!

Thirty years ago Father Jackie Robinson condemned the slum flatland of Kilkenny. Now many of those self same flats are opened up again for the immigrants, thanks to Fianna Fail in particular, who started all this. Jackie formed the Kilkenny Flatdwellers Association to combat the slum-like conditions. It looks like now that his great work is undone and that it will have to be undertaken all over again. The damage that Fianna fail and the Greens caused Ireland wasn't just financial. That damage brought the country back years and undid much of the good work achieved by the previous generation. Yes, I know, the Green Party and the PDs were in there too and now the present government of Fine Gael and Labour does nothing about it either but tries to hide all these problems by killing it all with silence.
This is the way adopted by the newspapers, radio and TV too - to kill it all with silence. So there's no point in buying a newspaper these days, it's self-defeating to do so. The only place you will get the real news of what is really happening these days, I find, is on the Internet, and hopefully here on the Kilkenny Journal where we really do strive hard, as you see, to bring the truth in the news.

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