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Tuesday, 15 October 2013 16:47

The elephant in the room.

With the young, the elderly and the old reliables hammered in the budget, not a single politician will mention the cause - mass immigration for the Irish Dole, costing this country billions every year. 
The Prime Minister of the UK , David Cameron, has expressed concern - but not a small poor little broken-down country like Ireland. Why? 
All the political parties have an agreement not to mention it, they feel it would not be politically correct to do so!
But to change the system as the British Prime Minister suggests, would not give offence to anybody - to protect the country's welfare system, as Mr. Cameron says, is in fact a duty of the government, and the Irish government has never protected our welfare system here but thrown it open to all and sundry, to every welfare tourist who picks on the country. 
This is abandonment of the very basis of government, which is to look after the public purse and to safeguard the Irish taxpayers' money. 
Irish politicians may like to be the big boys on the European stage , popular with everybody over there, hugging and kissing, but they are not entitled to slash the dole of the Irish unemployed back home so as to pay a hundred thousand foreigners! 
The figure was 80,000 immigrants on the dole back in 2010, now with the massive influx of foreigners for our dole over the past three years it is reasonable to put a figure of one hundred thousand on it now - or even more! - as thousands of foreigners from all over the world continue to flood in for the relatively generous Irish welfare. 

And it is not the fault of the EU as Irish politicians tell the big lie - it is the Irish government, and only the Irish government, and nobody else, who are bringing in all these hordes and masses of non-EU foreigners to sink the country's economy and beggar the Irish people and drive them into the ground with merciless budgets like today's.

Why are they doing this awful damage to Ireland and the Irish people,? God only knows. There are so many theories about that I would be writing here all night describing them.  But it beggars belief. 
It would be simple to pass a law in the Dail, as the UK government is to do, providing for immigrants having to be able to prove that they have a job before they are entertained here at all and to limit the period of welfare assistance to a few months, 3 or 6 months at the most... 
This is being exceedingly reasonable and if the government and indeed the Irish people refuse to be reasonable then they have only themselves to blame as being, as it is widely known worldwide, The Softest Touch. The Irish people now have only themselves to blame for all the suffering of the budget today. It is no use them moaning on the TV, on Joe Duffy or on the Internet. 
In fact if Ireland continues to decide to bring in over a million immigrants here they have only themselves to blame and should not go around complaining about all the budget miseries today as the government has to get money together somehow to pay all these foreigners. Simple as that, so dry up your tears and forget about it!
Or do something about it like organising a political movement to reverse all this disgraceful misuse of billions of taxpayers' money. 
It's your call!

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