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Saturday, 19 October 2013 01:56

McGuinness henchmen councillors rejected.


Last night Joe Reidy failed to make it through the FF Kilkenny East election convention for the county council elections in May. Reidy is a well-known McGuinness lick. The top table, comprising FF Party HQ officers, withdrew amid mayhem with delegates openly rowing and disputing party rules on the floor.
The night before at the same venue, the Newpark Hotel, borough councillor "GI Joe" Malone , another McGuinness lick, was rejected.

  Reidy was to fight out a nomination with Kilkenny hurler Peter Cleere, with Andrew McGuinness and Sean Treacy of Thomastown to be returned as sitting county councillors.  

John McGuinness seems to be stripped of his henchmen councillors by these party conventions over the last two nights while fresh-faced party newcomer Patrick McKee deservedly topped the poll on merit on Thursday night. The Party message to McGuinness is being forcibly and painfully pressed home that there will be no more of operating a virtually autonomous party within a party in Kilkenny. We always joked that in Kilkenny there was The McGuinness Party and the Fianna Fail Party.

There was no election last night as the meeting broke up in mayhem, adjourned for three weeks.  Journalist Sam Matthews  thought that the party HQ officials tried to prevent Reidy being nominated, and that's when the convention began to collapse. 

Obviously the Party HQ officers were instructed to do this, and those instructions could only come from the Party hierarchy, the FF National Executive, possibly even from Micheal Martin himself. For the second night running they stepped in to stop a McGuinness henchman from being selected. This is the lowest ever that any Kilkenny TD's stock has dropped with the FF Party. They seem to have sent in a troika after John!  This is direct punitive action by the Fianna Fail Party against their own TD, John McGuinness.

So is this an internal FF clean-up we see operating at the FF Fianna Fail conventions at the Newpark in Kilkenny over the past two nights? They seem to be picking on the McGuinness henchmen while John himself seems powerless to stop them.

 Of course FF won't need to rely so much on John much longer with Liam Aylward reportedly coming home and once Patrick McKee is elected councillor as a potential Dail candidate for the future.

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