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G.I. Joe jumps on the bandwagon!

Saving Private Malone.

Cllr Joe Malone, known as 'G.I. Joe' behind his back because he was a lifelong Private soldier in the Irish Army, is calling on members of the public to attend the meeting at the town hall on October 14. “I want people to hold a silent protest to make their views and opposition to the Central Access Scheme clear,” he said.

“I will be raising the Central Access Scheme at the meeting and seeking a meeting with the City Manager, Joe Crockett. 
In his former incarnation as an Army Private, Malone worked as a medical orderly minding the mens' medical books for the Army doctors.  He put it around that he was a captain when seeking election and that ploy obviously worked. He was elected on transfers from the popular poll topper Andrew McGuinness .  

He has also called for a soup kitchen for the city instead of the Medieval Mile of beautiful gardens for which the government is paying us up to five millions. And now he's opposing the new bridge for which the government is paying us ten millions and which will be a huge shot in the arm to our local Kilkenny economy.

Malone attended the recent protest march , jumping on the Noonan bandwagon.

Pontius Pilate like, Joe seeks to wash his hands:

“I am calling on people to come to the borough council meeting and hold a silent protest. We need to demand a meeting and make the city manager listen. I am being blamed by some people for this but I was not a public representative when this decision was made.

“The completion of the ring road must be a priority and the construction of the final stage of that is the solution.” Joe doesn't say where we are going to get the estimated 44 millions to complete the ring road. Of course that's the elephant in the room where the protesters are concerned.

Cllr Malone recently attended the protest and said he was impressed with the turnout. In fact he was so impressed that he 's now jumped on the bandwagon in his passion to get a Council seat in May. He'll need to treble his vote to do that.



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