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Preliminary findings from the archaeological survey of numbers 21 and 22 Vicar Street reject the objection of the protesters that historic remains from an ancient manse house are present.

A new report was handed to councillors at a joint meeting of Kilkenny County and Borough councils today.

The houses, which are to be demolished to make way for the Central Access Scheme, have been the subject of intense scrutiny and debate in recent weeks. Cllr. Malcolm Noonan of the Green Party, Dr. Declan Murphy of An Taisce,  and their group of protesters,  tried to pretend the houses had historical value in order to stop the new proposed CAS roads and bridge that have to proceed through here where these three old houses stand, and this investigation had then to be undertaken at vast expense.  These new preliminary findings, made public here  reject the assertion that remains of the manse house of the Prebendary of Tascoffin are intact at the site.

“The manse house of the prebendary of Tascoffin had gone before 1679 and hence none of the present buildings incorporate its remains,” the report finds.

“As the prebendary of Tascoffin’s land did not include the Diageo car park this earlier building cannot be a remnant of the manse house.”

The report also says that the removal of plaster from the houses has confirmed that the front, rear and internal walls of numbers 21 and 22 Vicar Street were rebuilt. Some earlier portions of wall remain, but these are of the 18th or 19th Century.

 The report continues that the gable end of 22 Vicar Street, facing the Diageo car park, is part of an earlier building, or buildings, that stood on the car park site. The report suggests that the gable does not coincide with the building shown on the 1758 map, suggesting that either the map was wrong, or the gable is from a different building.

The report finds there is a small opening in the gable wall and this is lined with cut stone. Which building this belonged to is, the report states,  ‘uncertain at present’.

The process of investigation of the Vicar Street houses' archaeological and architectural heritage is ongoing.

Here's a section of the new report entitled ‘Research carried out for this project’:

"Bishop Otway’s survey, on which all of the authors base their findings, was checked for this project. This showed that Ledwich made a number of significant errors in his short quotation, the first being the date, which was actually 1679. Secondly, the survey does not mention a street called King Street, but “the king’s street”, which is an urban equivalent of “the king’s highway” – a description and not a name. It is notable that no other source has suggested that there was a street in that location called King Street.

"Hogan drew conclusions from the map of 1758 that sounded authoritative, but which were only his conclusions and the map does not show this at all.

Carrigan followed Hogan uncritically and interpreted the existence of King Street.

Phelan and Gibb offered no new light, merely repeating Hogan and Carrigan.

None of these authors cites the extensive works by the most prolific writers on the history and antiquities of Kilkenny, Rev James Graves and John G Augustus Prim, who appear to have left no record of this building in Vicar Street or the manse house of the prebendary of Tascoffin. In their book on the history, architecture and antiquities of St Canice’s there is no mention of such a manse house. Graves made no reference to it in his paper on the ancient street architecture of Kilkenny, which discussed a number of older buildings that survived in Kilkenny at time he was writing, in 1857.

The prebendary of Tascoffin did have land in the area, but research has found the following:

The survey of 1679 refers to “a piece of waste ground in Irishtown where formerly the manse house stood ... on which there is now a thatched house built.”

A deed of 1732 describes the land as the prebendary of Tascoffin’s glebe land “with the cabins houses and tenements built thereon”.

In 1824 the prebendary of Tascoffin granted a lease of three cabins in Vicar Street and these were on the site now occupied by 20, 21 and 22 Vicar Street.

Number 20 Vicar Street was rebuilt as two houses by the 1840s and those houses, together with number 21 were rebuilt as shops in 1881. Number 22 Vicar Street was rebuilt in 1908.

So thus ends a proper farce brought upon us by Cllr. Malcolm Noonan and Dr. Murphy and their group of protesters in this year of the lord  2013 . The money that had to be spent on all of this to expose their hoax could have paid a lot of property taxes and household charges!

We presume now that the CAS scheme will proceed as originally planned before this grand scam was conceived.

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Chief lunatic Alan Shatter will create another 3,800 foreigners as citizens  - despite all the cuts and suffering imposed on Irish people in last week's budget.
Taoiseach Enda Kenny and his FG-Labour coalition have proven themselves to be off their heads completely in their madness in creating tens thousands of foreigners as citizens since they took office back in 2011.  Something like fifty-six thousand foreigners have been created citizens since then, though they have done nothing to deserve it. There must be another million of them in the country, many here for the social welfare, costing billions every year.

But citizenship entitles them to bring their over-sized extended families into Ireland and for all of them to claim more billions in Irish social welfare - with the result that the native Irish have to be cut and subjected to austerity charges to pay for all of it. Ireland is just being handed away nowadays. 

And this entire fraud on the genuine Irish people is either greeted with silence or even lauded by the other lunatics who control the media of Ireland.
All this is doing is to deprive Irish people of their jobs, substitute foreigners for them and drive them out.

There is no logic, there is no benefit at all to the country in this circus that Shatter now celebrates monthly from his altar surrounded by flag-bearing Army officers to the strains of martial music. It looks like , and it is, a total farce. But is is an expensive farce, costing Ireland billions only second to what the banking crisis cost us. He's like Nero fiddling while Rome was burning.

It is an act of national treachery against the Irish people to launch yet another charade like this only a week after a cruel and painful budget. This government is even worse than the Fianna Fail government that wrecked the country with the banking crisis and by introducing mass immigration into Ireland in the first place.
For God's sake there's enough people packed in here now. Give up your lunacy , Shatter!
It is to be fondly hoped that Enda Kenny and his fellow madman Eamonn Gilmore both come to their senses too.

"Those that the Gods wish to destroy, they first make mad."

( There are no checks made by his Department of Justice officials - thus a couple of summers back 600 new citizenships granted by Shatter's Department were rejected by the Passport Office on the grounds that their documnets were forgeries. The very same bogus documents had been passed cursorily as sound by Shatter's officials when earlier submitted to them!).


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