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Kilkenny hospitals get ready for abortions

All to be concerned are making final preparations for abortions in Kilkenny hospitals now, from the chief psychiatrist Dr. Frank Kelly to the functionaries who will burn the foetuses in the hospital furnace, a small affair at the moment in St. Luke's to the rear of the hospital in the yard there.
They will have to get in larger furnaces as Labour and the Left get their way with more and more abortions.
Dr. Kelly is described as an arrogant and pompous self-seeking man by fellow professionals and it is he who will head the team of local psychiatrists - none of them up to much, they all have cushy highly-paid numbers! - who will judge on the many suicide claims expected. Abortions will be carried out for the wealthy in Aut Even hospital. Does it really matter where mass murder is carried out?

It is abortion that will be the lasting legacy of Enda Kenny and the Fine Gael party. They could have said No to former Workers Party Communist Eamonn Gilmore. But they caved into Labour once Labour agreed to the austerity cuts in the budgets and the people emerged the losers every which way.
Abortions won't worry the likes of junior health minister Kathleen Lynch - her husband Bernard Lynch is a convicted murderer who got out of jail on a technicality for shooting Larry White in Cork City back in the seventies. By such are we governed today...

I never thought that St. Luke's lovely hospital would become a killing centre, but that's the fate of all our hospitals now.God help us all.



Local doctors have been among those who have been opposed to the recent abortion Act but Consultant at St Lukes, Ray O’Sullivan, says they will still have to abide by the law.

Mr O’Sullivan says terminations have been carried out at St Lukes in the kinds of situations covered by the Act and they will continue under the new legal framework.


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Nationally-minded people in Kilkenny have decided to put forward a serious candidate in the new Kilkenny West electoral area for election to Kilkenny County Council next May.

There may be a candidate in Kilkenny East, the other side of the city, as well.
They say it is of the utmost importance to have patriotic nationalism represented in historic Kilkenny. The person chosen is to be one of the best-known of Irish nationalists in recent years, a gentleman of integrity and culture , but most of all of action on behalf of the Irish people who, they maintain, are neglected in their own country.

The local nationalists calculate that up to eight billions of Irish public money is spent over the various Departments of State every year in promoting, assisting and encouraging mass immigration into Ireland - while the Irish people themselves are being cut severely by anti-austerity measures in budget after budget to pay for all the hundreds of thousands of people being brought in from all over the world. They estimate, along with others, that there are now over five million people living in the Republic alone as the country heads for a population size, alarmingly,  of pre-Famine proportions , and all totally uncontrolled.
They maintain that never in the history of Ireland have so many billions been spent on any project as the 50 billions spent on mass immigration over the past decade in Ireland. They blame it for the class sizes bursting at the seams in our schools with the resultant lowering in the standard of education. They point out that Irish levels of education are dropping sharply when once we were proud of our educational achievements internationally. They state that the health standards in the hospitals and clinics and GP care are all at risk, that the queues for operations are getting deeper and deeper with many people now dying before they can get their procedure done. And worst of all that one third of prisoners in Irish jails are now immigrants though they form a minority one fifth of the country's population. They point to cheques of up to three thousand euro being issued to immigrants on landing! 

Yet they say that much of this money is being wasted in being paid in rent allowances to Rachmanite landlords who are providing accommodation not fit for humans at top prices and hold that all these billions would be better employed in a national construction plan geared to build up new apartments tastefully all over the country instead of the dirt and squalor that is being paid for now on a massive national scale.
They point out that immigrants already in Kilkenny, coloured and black people here, actually agree with them that there is far too much mass immigration, and that a Bangladeshi gentleman is actually interested in seeking election himself to try to prevent further overcrowding of his own community into Ireland! This is proof positive, they maintain, that the Irish liberal elitists and the Lefties, who promote mass immigration, have got it horribly wrong for the economy and for the standard of living here in Ireland that is swiftly plummeting as the entire country deteriorates.

They say that buildings in Kilkenny have been opened up that actually haven't been lived in since the 1880's ( when the population of Kilkenny city was last up around the twenty thousand mark). They know of flats that were condemned thirty years ago opening up again!  And what they propose is that for the first time ever we have a national debate in Dail Eireann on mass immigration  to commence on a national plan to stop all this, to change it all for the better, to make Ireland a good and decent place once more to live in and bring up children, rather than the present haphazard "system" that is throwing all we cherish in our country away as Ireland  accelerates downhill. 

This is the most powerfully compelling message from any party or candidates in the election so far. It is facing up to the reality of mass immigration, it is addressing the elephant in the room.

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