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All would be heading here -
Now you will understand the significance of these secret Cabinet meetings:-)))

The Irish Times published the leading  report on its front page by its chief reporter Carl O'Brien that the government had held a private and indeed secret meeting over immigration where fears were expressed by the Taoiseach and senior ministers that many more immigrants would continue to flow in here to Ireland, and at a highly increased rate, were asylum seekers to be granted full Irish social welfare, as the immigrant NGO's are demanding for thousands of immigrants in a High Court case at present ongoing.

The Irish government fear is that up to a million more immigrants could pour in here from England as over a hundred thousand have already poured in here from the UK for the much better Irish welfare provisions , costing the Irish State billions. Another flood could bring the country down!

However, whether it is as a result of pressure from the liberal elites or even direct government pressure , the Irish Times has now withdrawn it's front page lead story from its website, and there is no comment about it elsewhere.

Outside of the financial pressures that mass immigration is now heavily bringing to bear on the impoverished Irish State, both government parties fear that any further immigration into Ireland for welfare by these masses of welfare tourists could cost them dearly at the polls in the Irish local and European elections next May. It is well known that the majority of the Irish are taking a dim view of mass immigration and the arrival here of a hundred thousand immigrants from the UK alone for the welfare money while they, the Irish citizens, are experiencing the most savage budgedary anti-austerity cuts.
Columnist Ian O'Doherty in the Irish Independent, a writer we admire, put his finger on the matter a month ago when he said that he doesn't begrudge the unfortunate asylum seekers a few more Euros but if they were admitted to full social welfare then the danger is that the entire planet would be back on the trail into Ireland again and this time in numbers that would be staggering from all over the world, that would in effect put an end to the dole as it is for everybody. 
As it is there are a lot of people travelling every day by land and sea into Ireland from the UK for the better Irish dole, which is more than twice that of the UK dole , and child benefits are much better too in the Republic! 

We believe therefore that the government met in great concern of the country being overcome should the High Court rule in favour of the asylum seekers, it would be an end to social welfare for everybody now in Ireland as we know it. It would cut pensions in half! There would not eventually even be sufficient funds to pay the public service so even the High Court judges themselves would eventually have to be cut in pay as swarms of immigrants pour in for the dole, child benefit, rent allowances and every welfare payment there is at the moment. There would be no stopping the hordes as Ireland would become bankrupt and probably forever. 

There are about 5000 immigrant asylum seekers in Butlins and about another 17 camps seeking the dole in the present high court action , all of them illegal immigrants, many of them in from England, more on the way as they expect the High Court to judge in their favour and get them all the dole - even though they are illegal in the country!
This is why the cabinet took the prospect so seriously that they had that meeting in secret - there would be a storm from Irish liberals and the Left if they heard what the government had to say and what they are deciding. But whatever the government decides they can't allow the country to go under forever, no matter what even the High Court says.

There comes a time when the country has to decide to survive despite the High Court. In this case there would have to be immediate legislation passed to prevent the High Court legislating in granting full welfare to asylum seekers. No country in the world does this, no country in the world could pay illegal immigrants and survive, but that would not necessarily see the Irish High Court having the practical sense to refuse to grant moneys to people illegally here. This is why the cabinet has had this secret meeting and for no other reason, it concerns the survival of the country - and that is even more important than the survival of the courts in this instance. 

But Ireland has done a great job for all the immigrants when our small population is taken into account. We now look after a million immigrants , many of them too poor to contribute in income tax as they are mostly on the minimum wage. There is simply not that many doctors, IT specialists and professionals amongst the non-EU immigrants here in Ireland, especially the Africans,  as is often claimed. There are no jobs of any kind now left in the country, there's no more tax to come out of anywhere, austerity has cut people to the bone so there's no way any more cuts can be employed, but we have done all we could for the immigrants and we should all be proud of that. We're a small country now on our very last chance, still living way beyond our means. 

Thus the cabinet met to consider all this and move to guarantee the country's actual safety and survival. And I believe that after today's front page headline on the Irish Times was intercepted we won't hear much , if anything, about what that secret meeting was deciding - but I'll bet they had full eyes trained on the Four Courts as they debated and came to their decisions . 

Sometimes judges can be a menace to the State, and when this happens you have to discuss and pass new laws to save the country from them, and I'll bet that this is what the cabinet was discussing in its secret meeting over this October bank holiday weekend.

But don't let the government, don't let any Irish government, deceive over mass immigration. They are all for it, the more the merrier! But in this case they are resisting because they know that a High Court judgement in favour of the asylum seeker applicants would lead to a flooding of Ireland with hordes pouring in here for the social welfare alone!  For instance the Roma have been allowed freely, more or less, into Ireland - and paid full welfare too! - unofficially for years. And while the UK has put the Roma off until the 1st January the Irish officially let them in earlier during the Summer. Here from the Institute for International and European Affairs we quote: 
"Ireland lifted its restrictions on labour market access for Bulgarians and Romanians in July 2012. The Department of Justice announced at the time that it received an annual average of less than 450 applications for work permits from Bulgarian and Romanian nationals. Of those, an average of 350 were granted annually. In this context, the Department considered the rationale for maintaining restrictions on labour market access ‘questionable’ - See more at:

Of course there would have been no work permit applications from many, just straight social welfare applications on entry. Nobody has done more to encourage mass immigration into Ireland and Europe than Irish Justice minister Alan Shatter TD  while he was European President of Justice during Ireland's presidency of the EU. The servile Shatter  would, of course , be looking for a commissionership for himself in Europe after the next election when his Dublin constituency is re-arranged from 5 to 3 seats and thus anxious to please and impress his EU masters. 

But it would be a mistake to blame Shatter alone. The ones who originally sold Ireland out were the Fianna Fail party , posing as the Irish nationalist party that they were back in history, but no more. They sold the country out to bankers, developers and native landlords at their Galway tent , a hive of corruption every year at the Galway races. They had invited in 70,000 Africans back in 2001 to Ireland long before the new EU eastern bloc countries joined up,m as cheap labour and to pass along the rent allowances to the landlords. Then they allowed all the eastern Europeans in immediately in 2004 on their accession though wealthier countries like Germany and Austria, for instance,  took advantage of an all-important 7-year-stay until 2011 that Ireland said it didn't need:-)))

Then Fianna Fail politicians bluffed the voters on the doors in elections that it was the fault of the EU , but they didn't get away with it. That's just a potted history of how in a decade we acquired a million or so mostly very poor people for Ireland - let's face it , nobody else would come here, only poor Africans and Asians would find life good on the dole, as  also those flocking in from England and jumping from 71 pounds sterling a week to 188 Euro in their basic dole!

And it is this danger the government met to try to solve over the weekend as it looks more and more likely that an extremely foolish High Court will award full welfare to asylum seekers who are in reality illegal emigrants here. That could mean an entire population displacement in Ireland with a couple of millions more arriving in here in a couple of years to bankrupt the country all over again and beggar the economy completely - and there are no more Bail Outs left! 

There could be as many as a million pouring in from the cities of England in one year alone for what would be to them Double Dole. England is known for such massive internal displacements, such as the time many on the Dole took to living in Brighton and the seaside resorts there,  and Ireland is only just a half an hour's trip by RyanAir or a ferry trip away from Wales.

A few of my own English friends have told me that they're on the way. They have told me that many of their New Age mates from Stonehenge will be making their way over to live here too. In fact a couple of them have asked me if they can use my address to draw the dole, but I drew the line at that! They are mostly  lifers on the English dole. They are massive political agitators, confronting and battling the police at Stonehenge every year. I think the Irish government must have got wind of their plans to do likewise in Ireland - let us hope the High Court judges have too, that they cop on, you could have thousands of those here once the dole is granted for anybody and everybody who decides to pop up in Ireland to laze away for life and be paid for it too.As many as fifty thousand of them worship at Stonehenge, but whatever, it will be nice to see them take over here and seek the "return" of Tara and Newgrange too!

Ms. Justice McGuinness, a right buffoon of a woman who is not even hearing the asylum seekers' case versus the government as she's retired (thankfully!) already has made strong remarks in the summer about how Ireland owes the asylum seekers! What a mouth that woman has. The Dublin liberal elite is in full flow on this one, on granting full social welfare rights to people who are, let's face it , illegal immigrants who scammed their way into the country and now look to get paid for it under an Irish Liberal Elite that wants them as cheap labour, as hewers of wood and drawers of water.

It's the same with the media in Ireland, mainly in Dublin, who want immigrants in every job and profession but their own - there is not a single staff journalist in the Dublin media and if the darlings of the Irish media have their way there won't be. RTE, we see, now  has a gentleman obviously eastern European by his accent, reading out the weather. Progress is going to be slow and painful for all the immigrants in Ireland if the Liberal Elite has their way. 

The Irish Times itself has been battling in its headlines over the past couple of months to have all asylum seekers paid full whack. It is going to be a veritable Paradise on Earth, a Shangri La in Ireland, to have them all in Butlin's holiday camp on full welfare and all allowances and monies that the Irish State can provide, while meanwhile the native irish will be chopped to their ankles and then their knees in anti-austerity cuts to pay for it all.  You'll hear Judge Catherine McGuinness mouthing forever on a case that isn't hers ( luckily!) in the High Court, trying to sneakily  influence today's judges  - but you won't ever see her ilk pay for their judgements like the plain people of Ireland have to , with The Softest Touch poised to get even softer were that possible. Go bfoire Dia orainn!

Now take a look at this and please wipe the smiles off your faces, this is a prime example of the English being scammed out of their skins as well:


Sayida Khaliif, wife of Saeed Khaliif, at the £2m house she shares with members of her Somalian family

Sayida Khaliif, wife of Saeed Khaliif, at the £2m house she shares with members of her Somalian family

Somali asylum seeker Saeed  Khaliif was given a £2million home in one of the country’s most exclusive neighbourhoods at the taxpayer’s expense.

The 49-year-old was granted housing benefits of almost £8,000 a month to live in the six- bedroom property with his wife Sayida and children.

The unemployed couple demanded to be moved to West Hampstead, north-west London, after deciding their home in the Midlands was inadequate.

The payments, revealed last year, are among the largest ever given in housing benefit.

Their new home has a 90ft garden and has been recently refurbished, with an en suite master bedroom and modern kitchen.

It is minutes from West Hampstead Underground station and the neighbourhood is home to comedian Stephen Fry.

It is understood Mr Khaliif has up to eight children and lives on benefits. He has not worked since arriving here three years ago.

Sought-after: The Khaliffs' new home in West Hampstead

Sought-after: The Khaliffs' new home in West Hampstead

It is understood the family left £600 worth of damage to their old home in Coventry and did not pay the final month’s rent.

Housing benefit was recently capped at £400 a week, but the Khaliifs were able to claim more because they moved before the change came into force.

According to property sources, the house was being advertised to rent at £7,800 per month.

If mass immigration were ever about race - and I say it never was - then it isn't primarily about race anymore. It is now about survival as we face the second great famine of Ireland. We must not let our laws and judges make asses of ourselves , for if we do there will faster come the day when this Earth of ours will circle lifeless once more around the sun.

Thus mass immigration is now an issue of our very survival for us and for our children. And if we do not survive then at least the religious amongst us will not worry.

There are four million asylum seekers next door in England, thinking of coming to Ireland if the price is right. Just dwell on that awhile, because it is how the second great famine of Ireland got underway, and why even at this late hour the government of Ireland is meeting in strict secrecy to desperately try some way to contain it and counter the foolishness of not only the judges, but the masses of people as well.
Historically the Irish have always worn a self-destruct button. Let us not press it on this occasion.
Therefore let us all act now to save ourselves and our children, press the stop button on mass immigration and survive all the madness all around us in the world. Yes, what a good idea, let's do it now.


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