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What a witty fellow my friend the learned editor Jim Rhatigan is. With Jimmy the problem is that you never know whether he is being funny or serious.
For instance this week in his free newspaper, The Kilkenny Reporter,  he blows hot and cold over the Fianna Fail Party's neglect of his own pal, Councillor Joe "GI Joe" Malone.  Joe lost out at the recent Party convention and now Jimmy bemoans the probability that Malone will have to stand as an Independent for the County Council next May. For this Jimmy blames the Party HQ for throwing his pal on the scrap heap.

Malone got two votes at that convention, his own vote and that of his lady wife!

The votes were as follows, openly and democratically cast and counted, fairly and squarely in front of everybody present including local journalist Sam Matthews of the Kilkenny People newspaper ( who is beyond reproach).

Patrick McKee: 19 votes ( headed the poll)
Councillor John Coonan: 12 votes.
Councillor Joe Malone : 2 votes ( himself and the wife).

Yet editor Jimmy spends a third of a page this week castigating "Party HQ" for tossing his pal Malone on the scrapheap.
I remember Joe Malone well. Last time out for the elections in 2009 he came to my door and announced that he was an Irish Army captain!  I believed him , why not , he has an honest enough looking face, or so I thought.  Of course I was massively impressed, especially when he advised me that I could stop saluting, that he was a really nice democratic type of officer who didn't bother with that sort of thing. 

Later, after I had voted for him I discovered that he had in fact been a private soldier all his life in the local military barracks. Many others discovered the same thing after they had voted for Joe too, as I found out when I enquired around.  No matter that he was a private soldier, there are many good such men as candidates and councillors ,  but he should have told people so and not tried to impress with false rank.
And now he has a learned editor sticking up for him and his two votes. Maybe GI Joe should consider a change of occupation - like selling secondhand cars for instance.
And maybe the learned editor, our friend Jimmy Rhatigan ,  might see that the game looks like it's up for his self-promoted Irish Army captain.

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Wednesday, 30 October 2013 05:49

Reports from Ancient Kilkenny

From THE KILKENNY INDEPENDENT, January 3rd 1827.

Here we have reports of burglary in "The Butts Gardens" from "tenters" - frames on which washed items were stretched out to dry.
(We don't know what happened back then but we do hope that the good people of The Butts Gardens got their blankets back , especially as they were left without them in the month of December!)

There is also mention of a lunchtime meeting for Catholic Emancipation  in the Diocesan Chapel of St. James , which was on the Mother of Fair Love school site in James Street before the cathedral was built. In fact there is a plaque on a wall there backing on to Wellington Square , at the back of the school, erected to a good priest of the times. The church, being Catholic, had to be outside the city walls. ( Catholic emancipation was granted two years later in 1829. Thhen they started building the cathedral in 1843, completing it in 1857. And note that the population of Kilkenny was about 177,000 then, before the famine, when the population of the city, I often heard, was over 20,000).
There are whole lists of names - you might see an ancestor of yours there. I see several names there of persons who are obviously ancestors of many Kilkenny people today. Enjoy the research, we hope you find an ancestor.

As a result of the Penal Laws all this area outside the James' Street gate of the city became a virtual Catholic Quarter  of Kilkenny, starting with the old church and Burrells Hall - the first Catholic seminary which stood on the site of the present cathedral.
And now we see that the Freemasons, no less,  are coming to the area - they have been given the Maltings for their ceremonials by Kilkenny Corporation and will now operate in the same laneway where the Catholic bishop lives, in the shadow of the cathedral. How times change!


We saw the other day that they had discovered a stone with the name of Pontius Pilate on it, it's definite scientific proof that he existed and was Roman Prefect in Judaea at the time Jesus was supposed to have been crucified! So as Pilate lived, then...we've been thinking of churches and religion and a lot about the meaning of life ever since.
It's enough to drive a man back to the church, and to Confession too,  after a lifetime of sin:-)))

Just google THE PILATE STONE and see it for yourselves. And we expect the churches to be packed on Sunday, hehehe.

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