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Thursday, 17th August 2017
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The new bridge fits into this new Creative Quarter like the finger of a glove. Without the new bridge ready access to the fabulous new facility would be denied to half the citizens of Kilkenny across the river!

As a smaller issue we would question the flighty lingo in which the report is presented. It all reads so nicely but let there be less of that and more down to earth explanation and we would know more of the potential that is reported as being there and what is really to happen.
For instance the "knowledge centre" is being variously reported as a university, as a hub, as some sort of a third level college, and in other such various ways , some of them entirely vague.
There's a massive amount of upmarket type advertising lingo employed as well. Is any of this for real? We hope through the haze of hi tech lingo employed that it is.
We will try to nail it all down , then you can go on and try to decipher exactly what it is that they are saying in the links here.
There is a great site available in the centre of Kilkenny and naturally everybody wants it. I remember Borough Council solicitor Seamus Brennan warning about this at a huge ad hoc meeting in the town hall last year. There are sharks out there wanting to get their hands on Kilkenny's bonanza from Diageo - in fact I notice several such sharks at that meeting! 
On another such occasion later last year when Kilkenny Borough Council was meeting in the town hall to discuss our newly won brewery site, there was one of the biggest meetings I ever saw of the Freemasons going on simultaneously in the old St. Mary's Church to the rear of the town hall!
Of course I wasn't admitted but there were tons of expensive cars parked in the old churchyard. I thought that our Borough Council had bought and own the St. Mary's Churchyard site so why are the Freemasons still meeting there in secret? When is that facility for which we paid a couple of millions going to be handed over finally for the use of the people of Kilkenny, our societies and clubs here, instead of still being locked up for private Freemason gatherings?  
I wondered if they were discussing the Brewery site inside all the secrecy of that Freemason meeting, is that what they were present there from all over Ireland for that night? It was certainly a coincidence . We wish the Masons well as a benevolent society once that is all they are, but it's our place now! And so is the brewery site.  They are entitled to meet but should, like every other society has to, pay for the hire - and the electricity etc - of places for their own secret meetings from now on. We the Irish people are in charge now, the day of the Freemasons in Ireland is over , or should be, Let's keep it that way.

This is what concerns me about our Brewery site, the people who will try to gain it for themselves though it belongs to the people of Kilkenny (in theory at any rate!).  This is what solicitor Seamus Brennan was surely thinking as well as he advised the County Manager to put a big lock on the site and mind it carefully.

Of course WIT and the Carlow college would want land and sites there for almost free if they are to come. But a hub might mean only a few offices and a few people employed. We don't know yet so let's not lose our heads yet about a thousand jobs there. To my mind it is more important to keep that site securely for the use and the enjoyment of the people of Kilkenny above all else.
To realise the potential of this fabulous site would require that the new bridge from the site be built and indeed be started and the sooner the better for all these marvellous plans you read of here today.  

Here is a description of the entire new scheme as planned by Kilkenny County Council:,%20Kilkenny.33160.shortcut.html

Here is the Masterplan, in its entirety, as presented by Kilkenny County Coiuncil today, for the future Kilkenny City:

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