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Carlow-Kilkenny By-Election, May 2015.


Elections are now become a joke. All the parties are agreed on the continuance of policies that are against the welfare of the Irish people. They are all agreed on political correctitude which is against the interests of the Irish, especially with the housing of many immigrants in council houses at the expense of local Irish applicants who have been waiting for years. Makes you wonder whose country it is any more!

Class sizes are bursting in Kilkenny, local children have to be bussed out the county out of the city every day for want of places in city schools. Yet not a single politician will address this on behalf of the long suffering people, as educational standards hit the floor. Children are not getting a decent chance to be educated properly any more in the huge classes with the emphasis on special needs translators for all the incomers.

We used to have one of the highest educational standards in the world, Trinity College was in the top fifty universities in the world. But look at our pathetic state now since our political masters decided on mass immigration for cheap labour and the establishment of a new slave class- for shame the so-called socialists and leftists who back all this evil scheme.

But not one of the present candidates for election has faced up to any of these issues, in fact their parties are all agreed not to solve any such issue that has any bearing on mass immigration that all their parties support. Not one of them is worth voting for.

There is not a single candidate so far that offers anything bar "putting a word in for you" , but that "word" has ceased to matter too as immigrants are selected before the locals every day of the week. The standard of candidates offering themselves for election in Carlow-Kilkenny isn't great, there isn't a stand-out candidate amongst them, nobody who will make any difference at national level for the constituency.

Here in Carlow-Kilkenny we are now witnessing an exercise in mass hypocrisy from the parties and their candidates. They're for and against issues at the same time. Look at the water charges - Fianna Fail are for and against at the same time - they wanted a flat rate of 400 a year when in office. Gerry Adams and Mary Lou and all the Shinner top dogs stated that they were paying their water charges and then did a U-turn but still can't be trusted, while the Green party favours water meters - being the first party to propose them when they were in government with Fianna Fail.

Yes, a level of skilled immigration is always needed with protections for the indigenous population essential. We recommend Australia's system of entry criteria rather than the present Irish open door approach where criminals and paupers seeking welfare are all allowed in without any limit whatsoever. What economy, what financial system , could stand all that?

Yet these issues are not being addressed at all at the doorsteps but relegated to uncomfortable silence in case ignorant slanders of "racist" are made. This is mass blackmail, especially by the media, the media that we pay for. We want to sort the newspapers out too and refuse to buy them, anyway there's a lot more news and better coverage and comment on the Internet nowadays, and much more honest too.


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