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Over 300 Kilkenny graduates from WIT

310 Kilkenny scholars graduating from WIT over the next three days.

Renewed hope for graduates with work ready skills -
310 graduates from Kilkenny being conferred at WIT Ceremonies

Monday, 5 January 2015: At the first of 11 conferring ceremonies across three days during which over 2,500 students will be conferred with academic degrees up to doctorate level, Dr. Ruaidhrí Neavyn, President of W...aterford Institute of Technology (WIT), delivered a message of hope and optimism to the first graduates of 2015.

In his conferring address, Dr. Neavyn said, “The outlook is good in terms of graduate opportunities both at home and abroad, particularly in ICT, business, science and engineering, along with a renewed confidence in the construction sector. We emphasis work experience as part of our programmes of study and our graduates are work ready and are well positioned to hit the ground running once they leave the Institute”.

Dr Neavyn went on to say that in spite of the improved employment prospects, graduates should be prepared to avail of further educational opportunities including postgraduate and research opportunities.

“WIT is well positioned in this regard with a broad range of taught postgrad courses and some 200 research studentships at Masters and PhD level. We are immensely proud of our taught and research postgraduate programmes and our research and development portfolio continues to produce tangible direct economic benefit for the region.”

In congratulating the graduates of 2014, Mr Dick Langford, Chairman of the Governing Body, reminded them of the significant investment which they, their families and indeed wider society have made to reach this important milestone in their life journeys. He stressed that:

“this is not the end of your learning as the ability to prosper in further life stages will require continuing engagement with both formal and informal learning.”

Mr Langford went on to say “I expect a great number of you will spread your wings and travel far in search of opportunity and experience but I am also confident that many of you will either remain in the area or return in time to make valuable a contribution to the growth and development of the south east”.

A record 31 PhD students were awarded doctorates this year including 8 students on the Institute’s flagship postgraduate business programme, the Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA).

An additional ten new programmes were conferred for the first time, including the BA (Hons) in Teaching in Further Education; the Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching in Further Education; the Higher Diploma in Science in Computer Science; the Postgraduate Diploma in Business in Innovation Practice; the Higher Diploma in Business in Service Design & Innovation; the MSc in Global Financial Information Systems; BSc in Small Enterprise Management; the BSc in Applied Conservation Skills; the BSc in Pharmaceutical Science & Good Manufacturing Practice; and the BSc in Pharmaceutical Science.

Out of the 2,500 graduates being conferred with academic awards up to doctorate level, 1,029 are from Waterford City and County. However, WIT graduates hail from all 26 counties of Ireland with 375 from Wexford, 310 from Kilkenny, 222 from Tipperary and 156 from Cork.

The WIT conferrings take place over three days: Monday, 5 January, Tuesday, 6 January and Wednesday, 7 January 2015.
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Tuesday, 06 January 2015 10:36



The number of patients waiting for admission to a bed at St Luke’s General Hospital has risen to forty with the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation (INMO) warning of a national emergency and strike action.

And whether people like to admit it or not this is due to the effects of overcrowding because of mass immigration in recent years. There is... an interesting theory that mass emigration of Irish people driven out of the country should have balanced out the mass inward flow and this is almost true except that there has been greater flood of people into the country. Thus the figure of 583 people on trolleys nationwide. Bodies are bodies no matter where they come from!

A number of non-emergency and day procedures are being postponed or rescheduled to help staff cope with the workload. St. Luke's is the third-highest in the country for patients waiting on beds.

The NMO is renewing its call for the cancellation of all planned elective (routine) admissions for a minimum of two weeks. The organisation states that the overcrowding is compromising patient safety, with frail and elderly patients being left on trolleys, palliative-care patients being left on trolleys for days at a time, and dangerously high workloads for staff.

“Radical action is now required which must not be limited by resources as we must end this misery for vulnerable sick patients,” said INMO general secretary Liam Doran.


The HSE has said that there has been sustained pressure on the Emergency Department (ED) at St Luke’s in recent days. Management at the hospital are asking members of the public to only turn up in the case of a genuine emergency, and advising that, where possible, a GP or Caredoc be consulted first.

“St Luke’s General Hospital wishes to reassure people, that while the hospital is extremely busy at present, that patients are been seen and cared for appropriately,” said a statement.

“The ED at [St Luke’s] is busy on a continuous basis. On average, 85 people present at the ED in Kilkenny each day – 28 of whom are admitted. From time to time, a surge may occur in patients presenting to the ED at [St Luke’s]. This has been the case recently, mainly due to seasonal illness among the elderly population.”

Due to the increased level of activity at the hospital and in order to meet the emergency and urgent care requirements, it has been necessary to use all available bed capacity – including beds normally reserved for day services usage.

This has led to the postponement or rescheduling of day procedure appointments and a number of planned (non emergency) inpatient procedures. Those who have had their procedures postponed will be contacted with a new appointment date. The management at the hospital has apologised for any inconvenience.

The hospital has undertaken several actions to help reduce the pressure on the ED, including opening additional beds in the day ward at night, ‘proactive discharge planning’, reducing length of stay, additional ward rounds, and reducing all elective work.

Mass immigration has not affected hospital services in most of our big wealthy neighbouring countries. For instance France has the best hospital services in the world. They can afford it, Ireland can't.

We simply do not have the resources, and it's about time our politicians and parties and these new parties forming lately came down off their high horses , cut through all the political correctness and admitted that there is a huge over-population problem here in Ireland because we simply do not have the hospital resources, as shown in this national emergency today.
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